Style Tips on Choosing the perfect Blouse for your body

The design of your blouse could make a world of distinction to the wedding outfit you wear. Even the most beautiful and expensive designer lehenga could appear off-putting if it isn’t worn with a well-chosen and properly-fitting blouse. That’s why your task isn’t done after buying the lehenga and paying for the expenses. You’ll continue until you’ve got it with a stunning dress that has been made to fit you and is just right. The most important thing you’ll have to be faced with at the wedding is a poorly-fitting shirt. Therefore, pay particular attention to the style of your blouse and choose a style that fits your body style.

Although you may have been flooded with photos of the extravagant and unique blouses be sure to keep your guard up and avoid getting too caught up. Before you do, determine the style will suit your body shape or not. Then, get it hemmed to fit you. You’re wondering how you can do this? That’s exactly what we have created this blog to help! If you’re a pear-shaped triangular, an inverted triangle as well as an hourglass we have something for everyone. Here are blouse styles for slim, heavy bodies, and kinds of. Have a look and mark the most appealing one for you!

Best Blouse Designs According to Your Body Type

  1. Apple-shaped Body Type

If you’re more pronounced on top, with an oversized torso, wider shoulders and a fuller bust and slim on legs and arms If you’re an apple-shaped physique.

What To Wear

  • An elbow-sleeved blouse, or a blouse with a full sleeves in one color can do well for you since they can help you not bring your main areas to the forefront.
  • Try to choose lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and georgette when you are choosing the fabric that will fit your shirt. They are easy to flow across your body.

What Not To Wear

  • Avoid wearing blouses with a lot of embellishment or ones decorated with intricate details at the neckline.
  • Necklines that slant are a total no for this type of body.
  1. Pear-shaped Body Type

Pear-shaped bodies mean that your weight is concentrated around your buttocks, thighs or your arms. Your bust is less than your hips, and you have a defined waist. The best method to maintain your balance is shifting your focus on your bust.

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What To Wear

  • Choose blouses with attractive necklines, or with extravagant embellishments. They draw focus to your upper body giving you a more proportional appearance.
  • Peplum blouses, or those which are larger in length could also be the perfect blouses for these body types, as they create the appearance of having a more enlarge the torso. But, when choosing the perfect peplum blouse, make sure that it’s well designed and pinned around the waist.
  • Backless blouses also work ideal for pear-shaped body types.

What Not To Wear

  • Don’t wear short, bulkier dresses or those that hug your upper body which makes it appear larger.
  1. Inverted Triangle or Strawberry-shaped Body Type

An inverted triangle body type indicates that your shoulders are prominent and a larger bust. You also have slimmer hips and a slim waist. The trick is to stay clear of drawing any focus to your upper body.

What To Wear

  • Off-shoulder blouses and boat neck styles are perfect for this body type since they balance the bust region beautifully, and highlight shoulders.
  • Make those sleeves on your top less and simple so that your appearance slimmer and more attractive.

What Not To Wear

  • You must say no to top-of-the-line blouses since they make you appear heavy on top.
  • Avoid high-end blouses, or ones made of heavier fabric. They also draw all the attention away from your body.
  1. Hourglass Figure

Hourglass is among the most athletic and ideal body kinds. Women who have ideal proportions between their lower and upper body with a slim waist, fall into this category.

What To Wear

  • A deep neckline is the perfect fit for an hourglass-shaped figure because it emphasizes every high point on your physique, from your collar bones all the way to your slim waist.
  • If you’re looking to choose simple and flowing fabrics such as crepe, net, or georgette, or more substantial ones such as banarasi and velvet you’ll be able to pick one of them and try to the max.

What Not To Wear

  • Do not wear blouses that are more length, as they can deprive of highlighting your features.
  1. Slim or Rectangle-shaped Body Type

If you’ve got an equally hips and bust, but an unassailably slimmer waist then you is a rectangular or slim body shape.

What To Wear

  • The most appropriate blouse designs for slim-muscled women are well-fitted corset tops or cropped blouses. They also work well with high-neck cholis that define your physique in the most flattering way possible.
  • In reality, noodle-strapped blouses as well as halter necklines and long-sleeved blouses are great for shapes that are rectangular because they appear more fuller.

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