Finding Your Wedding Dress with Walker

An influencer in fashion and lifestyle, walks us through her search for the perfect Justin Alexander wedding dress at The Bridal Collection.

First off, it was that I didn’t have any idea what to expect. I had already purchased the dress for my debutant, and I’ve been in wedding gowns before, but not for my wedding. I’m still struggling to get my mind around the idea that I’m getting married for real. As a result, when I entered this wedding, it was still inaccurate.

Second, I am an extremely emotional person, and I was expecting to collapse. In truth, when I didn’t see large tears streaming, I started to think, was I making a mistake, or Did I not locate the right dress? The truth is, I was so absorbed in creating my skirt (yes, this is right, my dress was customized – I’m pinning you right now), so I did not get time to process it. Additionally, I felt SO at ease that I didn’t even consider I was able to get my body out of my body. I was enjoying the experience.

There’s no wrong or right method to choose your wedding dress, especially for those like me who don’t have a date or location!

If I could return, I’d be at the Bridal Collection and putting on one of the gorgeous Justin Alexander dresses. Knowing the story behind the brand and knowing that Justin has been a part of the business family is fantastic. It was amazing to have the designers present to explain what they thought of while designing the dress and to be able to discover an element of the story that is special to me.

I am so excited to wear this dress and marry you, Jon Kelley, but we have an arduous way to go. This is the last wedding or engagement post, but I’ll have plenty to talk about once we’re settled. I’m graduating in two months, and we’ll be moving four days after that – OH! It’s hard to believe it’s my life. I’m so grateful.

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