Celebrating Women’s Achievements

If you attempt and are unsuccessful in fitting your smartphone or lipstick in the pockets of your bridal dress, be aware that you’re participating in a long-running battle.

Pockets. We tend to overlook them like most things in life, but did you know they are a rich source of information? Bags of women were linked to times of advancement in women’s rights and equality of gender.

In the past, women would sew small pouches to hold their items and cut holes in their clothing to allow easier access to the pockets. As design innovations enabled the construction of more conventional bags, like those we see today, they were mainly added to male clothing. Since women were less independent, had responsibilities outside of their homes, and typically did not have the opportunity to earn money themselves, fashion designers did not think that women needed pockets. However, women’s fashion could have been more practical, and clothes were made more snug.

All this changed after those World Wars. Women took on the positions that men were previously able to fill. This gave women complete autonomy and allowed women the opportunity to work for their cash, and their attire was eloquent evidence of this. They began to wear more practical clothing and eventually were equipped with trousers and big pockets.

The Pocket Revolution continues today. We’ve heard in the streets about brides who are in love with wedding dresses that have pockets. We’ve all seen images… “It has pockets!”

BERKLEY The satin ball dress is elegant and straightforward. It is designed with a straight neckline and a horizontal seaming detail that complements the box pleats on the skirt. The dress is finished with pockets, a satin hem, and buttons that go to the bottom of the train.

BLANCHE: You’ll be at the center of attention on your wedding day with this ball gown with a V-neck. Beautiful moonstone and crystal beads give a spark against the crisp Mikado skirt. Spaghetti straps are extended to an open back and are adorned with mikado buttons and crystals along the train. Pockets provide the final finishing touch.


BEACON Be noticed in this modern and elegant stretch Mikado wedding dress. The straight neckline has asymmetrical pleating that extends to the back.

GAINESVILLE You can elevate your appearance with this chic ball gown. The bodice is adorned with stretch crepe. It creates a plunging V-neckline that is paired with long sleeves. The illusion sides reveal a contemporary illusion back adorned with button covers.


As its bridesmaids, Adore by Justin Alexander is a relaxed piece that doesn’t take it too seriously. It’s got pockets.

Style 11143 Feel glamorous in this ball gown for sweethearts. Beaded lace highlights the bodice that is not lined and is joined by a pleated skirt. The buttons and pockets at the bottom of the train are the final touches.

Style 11151 The clean A-line is ideal for the simply elegant bride. Contemporary cutouts on the sides enhance its Sabrina neckline. An open, low back adds a feminine touch to the classic Mikado skirt. Buttonholes and pockets down on the back are the final features.

STYLE 11149You will stand out in this stunning dress. With a V-back, plunging neckline, and long sleeves adorned with delicate Chantilly Lace. A bias belt complements the natural waistline and flows to a Mikado-style skirt. Eyelash lace with a scalloped design is incorporated into the neckline and sleeves. At the same time, pockets give a contemporary look.

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