Decoding the Punjabi Bridal Look

It is said that the Punjabi bride is vibrant and lively. Her personality is strong and puts the love of her life on her sleeves. Her bridal style reflects the vibrant spirit of her. From her hairstyle to makeup and even from her dress to the jewellery she wears The Punjabi bride isn’t shy from letting her hair down to show off her extensive tradition.

The Punjabi Bridal Look

The playful Punjabi bride dresses in vibrant colours that are traditional red. The auspicious color is visible in her chooda, which she wears with pride as well as in her stunning bridal gown. Punjabi Juttis are also an essential part of the Punjabi bridal style that is elegant and comfortable. When it comes to jewelry prepare to be fascinated with the Punjabi bride’s wonderful options. Buns or braids, and fresh makeup that focuses at the eye are the Punjabi bride’s preferred choice!

The Punjabi Bridal Outfit

The Punjabi Bridal dress has gone through many changes over time and has several variations, with every one exactly as captivating as the others. In the past, Punjabi brides would wear the traditional Patiala salwar with a kameez or lehenga that was paired with a kurta or dupatta. With the passage of circumstances, Punjabi brides are flaunting gorgeous lehengas and shararas during their wedding day! Another thing that’s not altered over the passage of time is the custom of covering the hair with bridal gown or even a phulkari sari and we would love to see this!

The Punjabi Bridal Jewellery

The Punjabi bride is adorned with beautiful jewellery and you should look her to get ideas. Here are all the important jewelry pieces that grace the Punjabi bride to be on her special day!


Chooda Chooda can be the single most important part of the Punjabi bridal style. The traditional Chooda that is white and red symbolizes an initiation into a bride’s marriage life. The Chooda is believed to bring the bride with prosperity and happiness.


Punjabi wedding brides are adorned with a nath that is a large, embellished nose ring which is connected to the ear by beautiful chains. Naths look elegant and adds elegance for the eyes.

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WeddingMaang Tikka

It is said that the Maang Tikka graces the hair and forehead of a Punjabi bride, and looks amazing. It’s a chain that has an ornament that is worn at the middle in the head.


The Punjabi bride leaves no table unturned in regards to choosing the most stunning jewelry pieces. She will add an Passa for her bridesmaid style which is a gorgeous piece of jewellery worn around the sides of her head.


In terms of the necklace, a traditional Punjabi bride is likely to wear any necklace handed down to her by her grandmother or mother. But, Punjabi brides have been happy to wear any Indian necklace to match their wedding outfits.


A Punjabi bride’s hands made of Mehendi look much more attractive with a gorgeous Haathphool. It’s a bracelet that is linked to a ring by the aid of chains.


A Punjabi bride, as with brides from other states, wears an engagement ring during her wedding day. You can also include other rings in her outfit.


Another beautiful piece of jewelry worn by the Punjabi bridesmaid is the Pajeb. It’s a gorgeous anklet, which is often decorated with tiny bells attached.


The most popular earrings worn by Punjabi brides include the adorable Baaliyaan that are huge hoops that often feature embellishments. But, Punjabi brides are now choosing large, stunning earrings that are matched to their jewelry.

The Punjabi Bridal Makeup

It is the Punjabi bridal makeup focuses specifically on the eyes. It keeps the foundation being fresh and the lips glowing. This highlights the beauty and natural look of the bride, ensuring that she is looking her best on her wedding day!

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