Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

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The elegance of long-sleeved wedding dresses is perfect for every bride. Remember Kate Middleton’s satin Alexander McQueen dress with its lace sleeves? How about Hailey Bieber’s Off-the-Shoulder design by the late Virgil Abloh from Off-White? It’s romantic and beautiful. Vogue recently featured a number of celebrities and modern brides who chose the timeless silhouette. You’ll notice that many of the newlyweds featured in our coverage have fitted sleeves. These include Geraldine Guiot Giorgia Gabe Paola Esulalia Saracino and PaolaFendi.

It’s not hard to understand why this is a favorite choice of brides. This additional fabric adds a classic and sophisticated touch to any dress, perfect for a more demure occasion. There are also tulle ballgowns, gossamer sleeves, and voluminous mesh sleeves that can be customized to suit every ceremony type. You can choose from a long-sleeved wedding dress for a beach wedding if you are planning ‘intimate courthouse nuptials, or ‘destination weddings’ at the seaside.

Discover 36 wedding dresses to choose from. You’ll also find stylish outfits for your entire wedding, including the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, After Party and post-wedding breakfast.


Many brides base their entire wardrobe on the dress they will wear for their wedding day. The timeless elegance of a tulle gown with lace trim is classic, and a satin crepe dress with gathered sleeves adds modern drama. A mini dress with draped tulle and off-the-shoulder is elegant. For a more relaxed look, a boucle-and-georgette midi will be sophisticated and polished.

Vivienne Westwood Bridal Astral gown

It is clear that the rehearsal dinner outfit is your second most important bridal look. There are two choices for the dress that will set the scene before the big reveal on the next day. Choose a style with long sleeves in the same color as your wedding gown, such as a sequined mini dress or a structural satin midi dress with a corseted hem. You can also embrace the opposite design, such as a sharp blazer or a fitted-and-flare dress with crystal embellishments.

Carolina Herrera mini dress

Bridal Shower

Bridal shower dresses can be sweet, romantic, and delicate. For this event, choose lighter fabrics in midi and mini lengths. If you want to add a touch of tradition, choose a long-sleeved lace design like a Broderie shirtdress or a cream mini with scalloped edge. For a feminine touch, add puff sleeves and bows. A collared silk midi with a buttoned-up waist will give you an old-world look. Vintage brides, take note.

A party dress is a must-have for every bride. No bridal wardrobe is complete without a party dress. The grand finale of your wedding day is all about fanciful details. Crystal embellishments, feathers, and sequins are all great options. Long sleeves also add a touch of elegance to short hemlines and even second-skin fit.

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