The term “print products” refers to paid print products described below in section 1.2. This includes Home Delivery around the world (which can be delivered by a variety of methods depending on the location) and The New York Times International Edition.

1.2. What are Digital and Print products? and the NYTimes Apps are available for limited usage without any purchase required. If you don’t purchase a product or subscription, however, your access will be restricted to NYTimes services and content.

Here you can find a list of NYTimes’ digital subscriptions . We offer other services and products, including Cooking GamesWirecutter Gift subscriptions, and articles from our archives. For more information on Gift subscriptions, please see

We reserve the right to change digital product type, content, and availability at any time. You can cancel your subscription if you disagree with the changes. See Section 2.1.1 for details.

After subscribing, you will have access to NYTimes’ digital products for 24 hours.

The email address and password for a digital account can only be used by one person.

Visit the Account section of to find out more about your purchases, including payment methods, subscription periods, and payment methods.

Other terms, like The Athletic, may be applicable to certain products.

The Home Delivery options can be found here . The International Edition of The New York Times subscribing options can be found here. Other print products are available here. Please allow 7 days after you purchase a subscription for your print newspaper to begin. You may need to link your Home Delivery subscription with a NYTimes Account if you’re having problems accessing digital products. Follow the process Here. You can also link the International Edition of The New York Times with a NYTimes Account by following this process.

Delivery of our printed products is dependent on the capacity and availability of our delivery partners. Dates and times for delivery may vary or be delayed. We may also rely on the United States Postal Service or other international postal services to deliver some or all print products in certain areas and for certain products. This may cause additional delays or variability in delivery dates. We may be forced to change your delivery method to mail depending on the circumstances and availability of our delivery partners. In this case, we will inform you.

1.3. Processing and Payment

Your purchase will be processed as quickly as possible. Your product may not be activated until your payment details have been verified.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal, as well as other payment methods, such as digital wallets, that are available during the purchasing process. Payment methods accepted may vary depending on where you are located. We reserve the right to refuse any order or purchase. You agree to the validity of payment information by providing it to us.

Your subscription, product, or access will terminate if your initial payment authorization later is revoked. If you think your access has been terminated by mistake, please contact our Customer Care group.

All charges are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in the Terms of Sale.

Visit the Account section of to view or modify your payment method. All fees must be paid according to the terms of payment in force at the time the fees became due.

Your credit card provider may send us updated information about your card (e.g., a new credit card number or an updated expiration date). These new details may be used to prevent interruptions to services. You can update your billing details if you want to change the payment method. Your credit card company will decide how to distribute your updated credit card details. Your updated credit card data is not distributed by us. You may be able to opt out of the service by contacting your credit card provider. You must contact your credit card provider to exercise your right to opt-out of the new service.

1.4. Pricing

The price of a product will be clearly stated during the ordering process. You agree to pay for the product at the stated price, plus any taxes. You agree to the billing period stated when you place your order.

The order is the only time to determine if you are eligible for a discount. Discounts are not applicable retroactively.

Prices are listed in United States Dollars or any other currency that NYTimes specifies at the time the order is placed. This may vary depending on the billing address.

Taxes may differ depending on where you are located. It is possible that we will not be able to notify you of any changes to applicable taxes.

We reserve the right to cancel orders, terminate them or refuse to process them (including orders that have been accepted). If we find an error, we will inform you and offer you a refund.

Additional Costs

You may need to pay extra fees if you want to access all the areas of a digital product. These additional charges are clearly indicated.

You may be charged additional fees by third-party service providers when you use your digital products, including telecommunications or data charges. Any additional charges are your responsibility.

If you think someone has used your account, or if you have been charged for something you don’t own, please call our Customer Care team.

1.5. Billing and Subscriptions

1.5.1. Billing Subscriptions

You are purchasing a recurring subscription if you buy it. This is a subscription that automatically renews and requires recurring payments (e.g., monthly or annually). You authorize us to charge the first subscription fee and any applicable taxes on or after you purchase your subscription. You will be charged for the subscription at the specified interval (including taxes) unless you: (a) terminate your account, (b) cancel your subscription according to Section 2 below, (c) we decline to renew the subscription, or (d), terminate these Terms of Sale as permitted by this document. Section 2. contains more information about cancellation. We reserve the right to change subscription terms and fees on an ongoing basis at our discretion.

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