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It’s marriage time, and I am a permanent plus-one. No, I don’t mean my husband. I’m referring to my pregnancy.

I am a huge wedding fan. Who doesn’t? Witnessing a wedding can be a great experience. From the borderline insensitive jokes of the best man to the stomach-flipping moment of “I do,” it’s incredibly rewarding. What I like most about weddings is the fashion. What will the bride be wearing? How many outfits will you change? What are the rules-breaking guests in white, black, or red? What am I wearing?

It’s more difficult to wear a 1920s Assuit at seven months pregnant. My usual fallback, a trusty dress that covers my swollen chest and belly, doesn’t seem to be working. It’s time for some creativity. Here’s how you can dress as a wedding guest with a baby bump.

Allow it to slip

A slip dress has a romantic feel. Kate Moss invented this style, which is clean, minimal and incredibly sexy. Fashion hasn’t forgotten her. The style looks even better with a baby bump. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling like a big sack when you’re expecting. Why not embrace your lovely lumps with a slip made of silk or chiffon? Vestiaire Collective or Depop are great places to find vintage Cavalli. Or, if you prefer something more contemporary, try Victoria Beckham or Rodarte.

Stretch out your muscles

Don’t try to stop your body from growing. Even better, highlight those beautiful curves by wearing a bodycon. Loewe, Skims, 16Arlington are all great options. There is nothing more sexy than a woman that celebrates her body. I cannot tell you how much praise I have received in the past while wearing a tight-fitting outfit, even though there was a subtle element. You look great…for a pregnant woman.” I chose to ignore it.

Bodycon is still your best friend. Daisy Hoppen relies on bodycon to get through the wedding season. She was recently seen wearing a stretchy Ganni dress. Hoppen says that she chose the Ganni dress because her shape has changed dramatically in recent weeks, and wearing something too large would not be appropriate at this stage. This dress is stretchy in the right places. “Ganni’s founder Ditte has three children of her own, and she always considers comfort. It was comfortable and made me feel supported. I felt that it enhanced the bump in a way that was both comfortable and supportive.

Choose asymmetrical

It’s okay to highlight your curves, but you can also go against them. You don’t want to hide your curves, but you can create new shapes by using unconventional silhouettes. For example, a dramatic single sleeve or an asymmetrical hem. You can add a little ruching to the hips or cutaway details on the body. Do not be afraid to experiment. I wore an old Calvin Klein dress for a wedding in Italy that had lots of ruched details where my bump was, creating a cocoon-like, elegant shape. The dress also featured an asymmetrical hem that gave it a sculptural look.

All in the Crop

Make a crop top your new favorite maternity piece by taking a page out of Rihanna’s playbook. The singer is known for her love of maternity clothing, and we can’t help but be envious. The bejeweled Attico top was worn to the Fenty Beauty LA launch, the silver Coperni piece she wore at another brand launch with a crystal belly chain, and the PVC and Lace bralette that she wore for Gucci’s Fall 2022 show. You can wear it with palazzo pants or a bias-cut skirt. The key is to choose an accessory that fits comfortably around your hips.

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna) Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, Fenty Beauty By Rihanna. Photo by Kevin Mazur.

Flat out

Pregnant or not, wearing heels to a wedding can be a minefield–especially if it’s happening outside. You’ll sink into the grass, and they will hurt you when you dance. Both of these problems are made worse when you have an extra weight on your back. Here are your flats. There are many styles to choose from, including the Valentino Rockstud and the Miu Miu Classic.

Go micro

When picturing the perfect wedding dress, you usually picture long bias-cut dresses. Let me bring your attention to minis. It’s a great way for you to stand out, and it looks fantastic with a bump. The higher you can make the hemline, the bigger your bump. Balance and proportion are key. It’s possible that you need to order a size or two larger. Frame and Missoni both have some great options.

Back to black

It’s completely understandable that not everyone feels comfortable with their newfound curves. This is where your all-black classic look will come in handy. Black is a color that looks good on anyone. In the past, wearing black to a wedding was seen as a tad controversial–something about it being the color of mourning. In 2023 there is nothing more chic than a pregnant woman wearing black to a wedding.

Altuzarra Lily dress

Your biggest fan

You feel the heat when you are pregnant. Imagine carrying around a hot water bottle with you as the sun beats on your back. Accessorizing with fans is a great way to avoid this. It’s not the battery-operated ones but rather a vintage-looking fan which perfectly matches your outfit. You (and your plus one) will be the most sought-after guests at the wedding, as everyone else will want to try it.

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