Feel confident and love your body in your wedding gown

You want to be at your best on one of the most important days of your lifetime. If you struggle with body acceptance, this can be difficult. We spoke to a body positivity expert to find out how we can learn to accept ourselves and our bodies as they are.

In an ideal universe, doughnuts will grow on trees. Our celebrity crushes will passionately return our affection and miraculously know who we are. We’ll feel confident and happy with our bodies 100% of the time. Never second-guessing if our bottoms look too large or small in a pair of jeans.

I would guess that many women and men have experienced a body phobia at some point. A seed of insecurity can grow into a full-blown fear.

Stressing out about your appearance in a wedding gown is not advisable.

You don’t have to be a victim of body image issues. There are ways to improve your self-esteem and feel better about yourself before the wedding (and afterward, too, if you want to continue to love your body). ).

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Easy Weddings believes that women who are happy are prettiest. We also agree with Audrey Hepburn.


We want you to enjoy your wedding day and be able to glow with happiness.

We spoke with Julie Sweet, who is a clinical psychologist at Seaway Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Bondi Junction. (Learn more by visiting .

Julie explains why body insecurities may exist and how to overcome them so that we feel confident and happy during wedding season.

Sweet says that for brides to be confident in their wedding gown, they need to feel comfortable and confident within themselves. This is based on self-worth and acceptance.

It’s an internal job. If we don’t think we deserve it, we need to explore that.

What can we do to overcome our body insecurities then?

Julie stresses the importance of validating ourselves and avoiding self-denigration, minimizing lived experiences, or giving away our power.

When we label our feelings, we can question negative thinking. Sweet says that having someone to talk with about our feelings, such as a trusted professional, a close friend, or a family member, can lead to behavioral changes.

You can also help yourself by Self-care is not about buying new clothes or watching Older in the bathtub.

Stress can lead to anxiety and overwhelm, so self-care becomes essential. Self-care can be more than just a relaxing bath or a podcast.

Julie explains how self-care involves less pampering and more setting limits and boundaries. She recommends that we ask for help when needed.

It’s also important to practice gratitude and mindfulness as well as mental wellbeing, sleep hygiene, and physical wellness.

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Other helpful strategies to cope with stress include:

  • Reality Testing Countering the negative voices we hear in our minds.
  • Affirmations. Writing something powerful on the bathroom mirror using liquid chalk.
  • Journaling Externalising feelings and emotions
  • Therapy. Working introspectively with a clinician, looking at patterns of behavior and body image.
  • Group Work Group Therapy that explores eating disorders and body image.
  • Exercise. Weight training, yoga, meditation, and swimming are all examples.

Real Easy Weddings brides offer body positivity tips.

Our Instagram community was asked to give their best advice on how to help brides with body image issues. Their answers ranged from practical and emotional support. Here’s what our Instagram community had to say:

  • Don’t force yourself into small sizes. Buy clothes that make you comfortable and confident.
  • Your future husband/wife will be thrilled to see you wearing the outfit that you chose.
  • Everyone is beautiful, including your body!
  • Follow diverse body types, not only skinny Instagram influencers
  • You can choose the features that you like. E.g., if you like your eyes, love your eyes.
  • Unfollow users who heavily edit their photos.
  • Choose a dress to suit your body type and ensure you are comfortable and confident.
  • Imagine all that your body is doing to keep you alive.
  • It’s not difficult, but you will feel great afterward!
  • Start with body neutrality (if this is not clear to you, read this article on What body neutrality means).

Our article on beauty, wellness, and skincare offers a wealth of advice from real brides. This article contains useful suggestions from brides on topics such as how to achieve healthier hair and skincare tips.

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When to seek professional assistance

You may want to talk to a professional if your body image is causing you distress and interfering in other aspects of your daily life.

Sweet says that therapeutic interventions can help to improve well-being when our mental health has been compromised or we are feeling a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

When we experience a period of prolonged unease, restlessness, or anxiety, we might need to seek outside support.

How to find help:

  • Butterfly Foundation National Helpline. This line provides information, counseling, and treatment referrals for people who are struggling with body image issues. Contact them by email or online chat.
  • You can get a referral from your local doctor to see a licensed mental health professional.

Final Words

Although we know that your wedding is important to you, and you want to look beautiful in your dress, keep in mind that you are loved, healthy and in love.

Julie says that brides may focus on the wedding rather than their marriage.

“Brides should focus on themselves and the person they are choosing to marry rather than the wedding day.

“While the day itself is important, it is cultivating a relationship that is secure and functional that is truly important.”

Above all, remember to be kind and patient with yourself. It’s enough to know that you’re trying your best.

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