What to Expect at Your First Wedding Appointment

You fell in love first with your partner. Now it’s time for you to fall in love with your wedding dress! Although bridal salons can provide everything you need to make the big day special, you will still need to plan for your visit.

There are many things to consider when shopping for your dream dress. This guide will give you key tips and tricks to expect at your first appointment for a wedding dress.

What to consider before your first bridal appointment

Are you ready to shop? These are some things you should consider before you book your first appointment for your bridal consultation. This will ensure that you get the best out of your shopping experience.

Create a Budget

Before you buy a dress, it is important to decide how much you will spend. Talk to everyone involved in purchasing your gown and agree on a range. Your stylist will ask about your budget in advance and only select beautiful dresses that fit within that range.

Research Wedding Dress Styles

Most bridal salons offer a variety of styles for brides, from modern and sleek to romantic and whimsical. To find the right features, silhouettes and fabrics you want in your dream gown, spend some time researching designers and styles.

Your stylist will be able to pull the right styles for you, regardless of whether you are looking for a particular silhouette, such as an A-line or fit and flare, or details like sleeves or lace. Don’t feel pressured to buy a particular style or designer before your appointment. This can change as you try on other dresses, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles!

Consider your Wedding Venue & Date

It would help to consider the wedding venue and weather when choosing a dress. Many brides getting married at the beach don’t need a heavy, bulky gown. They want something that can move easily on the sand. Some brides will want a ballgown or a romantic A-line with sparkle if they are getting married at a French chateau or church. You don’t have to buy the dress your venue dictates, but it is important to consider this when selecting your dream dress.

Also, keep in mind your wedding date. It can take many months to buy a gown. The process of buying a dress can take several months. Once it arrives at your door, the bridal boutique might need to order it in your size. You may also have to go to a few appointments to ensure that it fits perfectly before you take it home. If your wedding date is near, you might consider buying a bridesmaid dress off-the-rack or from a sample sale.

Who Do I Bring Wedding Dress Shopping?

Your bridal shopping experience can be affected by who you bring along. It is up to you what you prefer, but we suggest you bring 3-5 close friends or family members who will help you try on wedding dresses.

Bridal boutiques may limit the number of guests because too many people or opinions can sometimes make it difficult for brides to make decisions. Bring only the people who know you the best and make you feel beautiful and loved.

What should I bring to my Bridal Appointment?

You must bring shoes, shapewear, and accessory options for your bridal appointment. To get the best representation, you can bring your shoes or a pair similar in height to those you wear on the big day.

You can also wear your hair up or down depending on how you see your wedding day. So, bring a few hair ties and pins. You should also bring any skin-colored undergarments or shapewear you intend to wear with your wedding dress. These items will allow you to create the best representation of your wedding day.

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