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In Italy, the wedding of beautiful Igbo Anahid Okonkwo with charming Esan (Ebho Esan) entrepreneur Gabriel Inegbese took place.

The word “family” would be the best way to describe the event. Love conquered all for the Nigerian couple, who came from different tribes.

The ceremony and after-wedding celebration took place in the Church of San Giorgio a Varenna and at the Villa Bonomi, a beautiful property on the west shore of Lake Como. Every moment was marked with the warmth of the families of the newlyweds and their guests, who came from around the globe.

You wouldn’t know it by observing their wedding day, but they also developed their love despite their father initially opposing their marriage. The story is almost like a Shakespearian drama. Salma Okonkwo of Ghana, the mother and father, are both Igbo men. The groom hails from Edo State, Nigeria. The father of the bride wanted his daughter to marry an Igbo. Igbo men’s fathers are known to be like this when it comes to their daughters.

Anahid says: “Gabby and me getting where we are now was nothing less than a miracle.” Our story has taught me, if nothing else, that true love requires dedication, hard work, and, more than anything, faith.

Anahid and Gabriel “recognized” each other when they met in Lagos, Nigeria, in July 2020, thanks to friends they shared. They realized that they were meant for each other, her being introverted and assertive and him being extroverted, passionate and full of life. Both have solid values taught by their families. They both share a strong sense of responsibility and the desire to assert themselves beyond their privileges.

Gabriel wanted to be a part of her daily life and began to bond with Anahid’s younger brother, as well as Anahid’s mother, Salma Okonkwo. He wanted to be a part of Anahid’s daily life. He began to form a bond with her younger brother, Salma Okonkwo, and his mother. Salma is a visionary entrepreneur who has been an inspiration to the bride. He proposed to Anahid when he realized that she was his love and didn’t let her father’s refusal discourage him. With perseverance and modesty, he continued to demonstrate his serious intentions and his depth of commitment

Anahid: “As you know or may not, Igbo women are extremely protective of their daughters. Let alone their only daughters. As tradition dictated, I had no choice but to marry an Igbo, specifically one from Anambra (Nnewi). When Gabby first asked me about marriage, I hesitated, not only due to my father’s influence but also because I hadn’t finished seeking God in this crucial step of my life.

After talking with my mother, who, by the way, believed that Gabby was not only a good man to marry but also a great dad, she told me to keep waiting and pray for it. It would happen if it was God’s will. My mom and I prayed for an entire year, along with my aunts, who are prayer warriors (Blessings, Auntie Rosie!). My mum realized that she would be able to convince my father to approve the marriage because Gabby’s grandmother, Grandma Mary, raised her children Catholic, was family-oriented and loving, and instilled them with important traditional values.

After my mother’s lobbying, my father began to soften his heart and began the seven steps of the wedding before the first marriage.

My father deemed the background check of Gabby and her family to be the most important step. This was his first step. My father gave the go-ahead to Gabby when he saw that it met his standards. He then proposed to me.

Gabriel has always been the one for me. It was a special proposal in front of our family and friends, and I want to keep it for myself. This may not have been the greatest love story ever told, but if I’ve learned anything from this journey, it’s that true love never gives up, and it always persists. Thank God and everyone for allowing us to connect>>.

Anahid Okonkwo and Gabriel Inegbese


The wedding ceremony will be held in Nigeria this December, but the couple decided to have the ceremony first in Italy. They chose the location in order to honor their religion, which is what keeps their relationship going day by day.

Padre John Paul Okonkwo was assisted by Angelo Vigano, Enrico Mauri, and the Church of San Giorgio a Varenna. The Mass was minimal and intimate, with only a few people present, to allow the bride and groom to focus on their vows, the ritual aspect, and communion with God.

The altar was framed with white flowers. A string quartet played beautiful tunes such as “Moon River,” by Bach and Debussy. All those in attendance were touched by the union of the two young couples who were so thankful for finding each other.

The bride arrived on a boat and made a grand entrance to the church in a stunning vintage dress designed by Elizabeth and Lace – a Nigerian wedding dress design studio. It was reminiscent of the wedding dress Grace Kelly wore.

The bride and groom


Tom Ford designed a broken tuxedo for the groom, which consisted of a white suit with black pants. The bride’s mother looked elegant in a sculpture dress designed by Ezer a Ghanaian designer. Her husband paid homage to Italian couture by wearing a classic dark suit from Brioni.

The bridesmaids wore matching dresses in a long, pink tulle (@gladstlefashion), and the groomsmen matched their boutonnieres and dark suits to the bouquets. The guests donned brightly colored outfits by African designers and more. They also wore original headpieces. Anahid wore an elegant low-cut dress, perfect for the celebration. The semi-rigid body was covered in tulle and embroidered in various shades of light white, creating a 3D effect. Maison Yeya designed it.

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