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There are many factors to consider when choosing your dream wedding gown, such as the aesthetics of your wedding, personal style and current trends.

You’ll want to find a dress that will make you feel beautiful and confident. Bernice from Bernice fashions agrees that “you need to find a gown that’s ‘you’ that you feel confident wearing. Every bride has a different style: romantic, classic, minimal, wistful. You have the choice. “You need to choose a style of gown that you will rock!”

Your dream dress may have been in your head (or hidden in your closet – we won’t tell!) For years. Even if you don’t care about the latest trends, it is hard to ignore popular dress styles that are lining the walls of bridal boutiques and flooding your Instagram feed.

This article will give you all the inspiration that you need with five stunning wedding dress trends.


Bow dress designs by Sonia D’ Ochoa Bernice Fashions

Bows have returned in a big, bold way. They come in all shapes and sizes. What’s our pick? The more dramatic and the more eye-catching! Combining this trend with luxurious yet simple fabrics like heavy satin will give you a modern and sleek take on a timeless trend.


Dainty bows will be a trend, too, in 2023, as voluminous statement ribbons continue to grow in popularity. Rows of neat, tiny ties will replace fabric-covered buttons at the back of dresses and on trains. Bow belts can be a chic way to add this trend to your wedding look. They come in sheer organza or metal encrusted with diamontes.

The bows are so pretty and can be used for any style of wedding, whether it’s a soft beach wedding with billowing chiffon or a structured inner-city wedding. The 60s-inspired hair bows, veils, and bridal accessories will be a big hit this year.

Floral-patterned gowns

Colleen, a bride who was part of the Real Wedding, had her wedding skirt hand-painted by Tiff Manuell. This is a twist on the floral trend in wedding dresses.

We at Easy Weddings collectively sighed with pure joy when Sofia Bush walked down the aisle in her dreamy Monique Lhuillier gown. The peachy florals combined with the statement balloon sleeves. Are honeybees literally buzzing off the fabric? Pure bridal perfection.

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The floral print gown is both “classic” as well a “trendsetter.” A floral print gown is perfect for any wedding, but we love it even more at a garden celebration. This trend can be worn in almost any silhouette. Choose a simple yet dramatic style to not detract from the print. If you want to try this trend but don’t feel like a bride enough, a dramatic full skirt with a romantic neckline can help.

Add modern accessories and subtle makeup to keep the trend from looking too dated. You can create a look with metallic earrings, bronzed lips, and glossy skin that says, “Wedding by noon, frolicking on a meadow at 2:00pm.”

Puffed sleeves

Modern wedding dresses with puff sleeves by Sonia D’Ochoa, and Amante Bridal

Who could blame us for being big fans of statement sleeves? One of our favorites is the puffed sleeve. This trend is not only ethereal, but it’s also very versatile. Think less Princess Di in the 80s and more Princess Beatrice wearing her vintage beaded gown, courtesy HRH if you wear the puff sleeve by 2023. To add a puff sleeve to a modern, fresh look, choose a sheer fabric.

Judith Penack Couture agrees: “Goodbye to veils. Hello, sleeves. By 2023 or 2024, wedding gowns will only cover the arms and not the faces. Scholars traced veils to Rome when brides wore veils to ward off evil spirits whose aim was to thwart a couple’s happiness,” Judith continued. We don’t want that in our life. But sleeves? Sleeves are a versatile accessory. “They haven’t really been popular in wedding dresses since the 1980s, but now they are back.”

Do you want to try this trend out without committing? Opt for an elegant strapless gown with a sheer bolero that has puffed sleeves. You can have the best of both!

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