Wedding Designer, Justin Warshaw from Justin Alexander Ties The Knot

The designer of this wedding dress knew the job was up to him by putting together an Italian weekend party with stunning wedding attire for the groom and bride!

Justin Warshaw, The CEO of the famous wedding dress company Justin Alexander, was married to the beautiful Kelsey Turchi with a magical ceremony in the Tuscan hills in Italy on September 30, and the photos (and the fashion!) are stunning! The bride was lovely in five gorgeous wedding dresses, while the groom wore four stylish styles.

The couple kicked off their wedding weekend with a stylish affair. An evening of welcome on The Borgo San Luigi, where guests enjoy the exquisite wines from Tuscany and are entertained by genuine Italian entertainment.

Photographs made by David Bastianoni and Alessia Franco

Kelsey appeared like a fairytale at the dinner, wearing stylish attire of The Viktor & Ralph collection, while Justin had a smart black blazer and neutral trousers.

The wedding ceremony occurred in Castello di Celsa in Siena, Italy, in the 13th century, a historic castle. The fairytale-themed venue has an extensive estate with lush gardens with stunning panoramas of surrounding Italian regions.

Kelsey was the bride in the most stunning custom Justin Alexander gown with floral appliques, while the groom, Justin himself, wore elegant tuxedos, an off-white blazer, black pants, and a black bow tie. We also caught glimpses of the most exquisite details on the dress with an individual message embossed on the sleeve: ‘Love, Yours with two initials in a heart-shaped love letter. We’re in love!

Photographs taken by David Bastianoni and Alessia Franco

The reception was a big success. Kelsey was a surprise for their partner Justin with a dress he wore to the reception. Most-loved dress, style Bobbie of Justin Alexander Signature Collection. Justin Alexander Signature collection.

The satin gown was adorned with 3D cutting flowers and an asymmetrical split in the leg that created the perfect mix of femininity and drama.

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