This Couple’s Whimsical Garden Wedding in California

The wedding of the couple featured deep emerald and mint green and butter yellow colors.

Kiana along with Chaz first met in 2010 in Cornell University’s library. they were studying. He was a barista in the cafe. They snuck one glance before Chaz provided Kiana the opportunity to sample mocha iced with white raspberry. She was amazed that she liked it and was always back to get more drinks andflirting with Chaz, that is. Then their schedules changed and Kiana was able to see Chaz “the barista that got away.”

Then fate intervened: They reconnected during a music festival aboard a cruise ship in the year 2016 and later on the same day in 2018, at the friendship of a friend’s wedding ceremony in New York. What happened next was that Kiana and Chaz realized was that they were on their initial date together in Manhattan with hours of chat and a glass wine on Kiana’s velvet green couch. A few years after, he got engaged in the same location.

They wanted the wedding ceremony to be like a music festival, set in an idyllic garden in Tuscany and modern mid-century elements in reference towards the couple’s New York City apartment. ” Vista Valley Country Club had the Tuscan-inspired architecture and lush garden feel that felt the most special and romantic to us,” Kiana states. “We especially loved the drama of the massive French gates and the majestic creaking sound as they open to let guests into the ceremony area!”

They collaborated together with Amorology‘s planners to organize their 100 guests, 21 May 2022 wedding celebration in Vista, Calif., that featured an color scheme consisting of deep-emerald, mint-green and butter yellow, as well as the brightest of citrus hues and neutrals.

Sweet Suite

Their letterpress stationery set included a drawing that depicted the location’s French gates, which was created from one of the bridesmaids. The card’s detail also included the couple’s shoes that were matched (a reference towards Kiana and Chaz’s wedding shoes) as a gift from the bride.

Kiana and Chaz created each invitation using an ombre watercolor design. “It took up a comical amount of space in our apartment!” the bride adds.

Here Comes the Bride

Kiana had the backless Berta wedding dress that featured V-neckline and delicate embroidery. “It felt comfortable and romantic, but not overly formal, and so unique with the fun applique detail!” Kiana says.

Something Green

In a nod to the couple’s favorite green sofa, Kiana had custom suede pumps made to match the couch’s exact shade. “I spent hours shopping for the perfect pair of elegant green bridal shoes and came up short,” Kiana declares. “I found a shoemaker on Etsy who then sent me photos of dozens of fabric samples, and ended up custom ordering a new one so we could get the color just right.” They added an emerald strap to the shoe in order to bring to life the same detail of her dress.

Bright Touches

Cream, yellow and peach hues adorned Kiana’s bouquet, designed by Jane of Blue Pansy Floral. “The bouquet was constructed the morning of Kiana and Chaz’s wedding day and accented with flowers grown and harvested that morning from Blue Pansy garden,” Jane states. The result was a loose, cascading bouquet made up of garden roses, hellebores and butterfly ranunculus. sweet peas and scabiosa.

Dashing Groom

Chaz chose an old-fashioned look for her wedding, wearing A black tuxedo and an appropriate bow tie. The day before their wedding, Kiana asked one of photographers to present Chaz the compass of her choice as an offer. “It had our initials engraved on one side, a photo of us on the inside, and a cherished song lyric engraved on the back: ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ by Tyler, the Creator,” Chaz states.

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