Shona & Dara Ch’s Chic Wedding At The Millhouse

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With a distinctive wedding gown, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and jaw-dropping wedding venue!

The wedding of today is giving us the contemporary fairytale vibes. It features a rustic and glamorous venue, stylish wedding dress, and a sweet love story that began when they were kids! Shona and Darach were married in the Millhouse in Slane County Meath onon April 22 with a chic ceremony, surrounded by their family and friends.

The two New Yorkers live it up in the city of gold, but their fairytale began in their homes of Dublin (Terenure as well as Rathcoole). Let’s see how it all came together, and join us as they trip to their altar!


The story of Shona and Darach’s relationship began with puppy love when they got together at a Halloween celebration as they grew older. Now they’ve been together, and moved from New York City and just got married!

Shona says, “I was about 11, and Darach was 13. We were introduced through a relative of mine that was hosting a Halloween party. They ended up becoming Darach’s top friends! After ten years, the sisters enrolled in the same college, and thanks to the power of social media, we both looked the other way to one another.

“In 2013, I made my initial move via Twitter! We first met for for lunch which I almost fell and knocked Darach down as we walked to the car park and he was forced to go off in the morning to take a horse ride. Everyone was shocked that it was not a great idea However, just a few months later we became very devoted to one another and haven’t looked back since!”


The whole world seemed to be on lockdown at the end of December. It was a challenging year because Darach was admitted to the hospital, and they had to postpone their summer vacations. After Darach returned to his feet, he realized it was time to propose to Shona.

Shona says: “We were just over seven years old then. It was the midst of the pandemic, and when Darach was discharged from the hospital, we arranged for him to stay at The Westbury Hotel in Dublin for the night before Christmas.

“Darach was a driver who was off for a bit, but came up with a plan to get me to marry him on that morning at The Westbury with the most perfect engagement ring! It was the perfect choice for me as I am quite private. Though he considered proposing in front of the Nollaig Shona sign on Grafton Street, (which his sister convinced him to not do Thank you Roisin!) it was just two of us. It was the light at ending of the tunnel following an awful year!”


After taking a few minutes to relax and enjoy their bubble of engagement, Shona and Darach got engaged. They began planning their wedding after Christmas when they decided to book the Millhouse as their venue.

“We’ve been to a lot of weddings, so a venue that we had never been to before was important to us,” Shona says. “We loved The Millhouse when we saw it on Zoom. The staff was amiable, and the location was gorgeous. It was close to Dublin, a significant aspect for us!

“Everyone believes we’re crazy when we admit that we didn’t look at the venue prior to when we booked it, but The personnel in Millhouse Millhouse have made us feel relaxed, and we were confident that it was the right choice for us. We had no assistance aside from the venue and we did all the organizing ourselves. In the month of October, 2021, we moved in New York and planning a wedding abroad is never simple, but I believe we had it covered!”

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