How to choose the right lace for your wedding dress

Why a Lace Wedding Dress is a Good Idea?

There are so many options for bridal fabrics, so why not say “I do”? You can find all the reasons why below.

Lace is Timeless

Lace has been used for centuries to make wedding dresses. It is still a popular choice among brides today. Although different types of lace might become more popular as fashion trends change, this fabric will still be used by brides for many years.

Lace is Luxurious

Handmade lace is a great choice for royalty, especially if you use lace! It is no wonder Queen Victoria wore satin as a bridal gown in 1840. Kate Middleton, who married Prince William in 2011, wore a lace-appliqued wedding dress with a bodice, sleeves, and a lace skirt for their wedding. A layered bridal look is possible because of the intricate nature of lace.

Lace Adds Texture

Lace is the fabric to choose if you want a gown that has visual interest. Your dress will be more detailed with lace appliques and bold corded laces. Even the most delicate Chantilly Laces can add dimension to fabric like crepe, satin, or tulle. Lace with metallic threading is a great choice for a more elegant and royal look.

Lace Provides Options

The versatility of lace is amazing. It can be used with many different silhouettes, body types, and wedding aesthetics. Here are some reasons lace is so versatile for wedding dresses:

  1. Lace is quite flattering! You can use it on elegant column gowns and dreamy A-lines. It can be used on elegant column gowns or for a dreamy A-line. A satin mermaid might look glamorous, but a lace gown will make you feel like a bride! Lace-trimmed sleeves and trains instantly elevate your dream dress by adding depth with intricate motifs. There are many ways to use lace! You can add a beautiful bridal touch to your look with lace accessories such as a lace-trimmed or embellished hem, sleeves, or lace sleeves.

Characteristics of Lace

This fabric has many wonderful qualities. There are many different types of lace, each with its unique characteristics.

  • You can make lace from various fibers, including cotton, silk, polyester, silk and even linen.
  • Delicate laces are made with finer threads and smaller stitches. French laces are known for having “eyelashes” at the edges. They are used to trim a neckline and hem.
  • Lace is delicate and easily damaged. Make sure you are careful when selecting jewelry.
  • Lace is wrinkle-resistant, making it a great choice for destination wedding dresses!
  • Lace can be either vintage or modern, depending on the design and how it is made. Handmade lace can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It may not be suitable for small lace details. Machine-made lace can be used for larger areas or an entire gown.

Types Of Lace Used In Wedding Dresses

There are so many kinds of bridal lace, so let’s discuss each one and if it’s right for you.

Alencon Lace

Alencon lace originates in France from Alencon (France) and is one of the most sought-after bridal laces. This is a needle lace with a 3-D effect due to the cording, which outlines the details. This lace is often decorated with flowers, scrolls, and medallions. It can also be beaded for brides who want to shine on their big day. Stella York Style 7169 is a floral Alencon Lace over Tull and Regency Organza that creates a romantic and dimensional look.

Chantilly Lace

Fun fact: Chantilly Lace used to be only available in black. Chantilly is a bobbin lace that has been around since the 17th century. It looks similar to Alencon but has less prominent cording, making it more delicate. Chantilly is light and perfect for romantic or ethereal dresses. It can also be layered with bolder styles or lace appliques to create a more dimensional look. Martina Liana Style 1321, featuring 3-D floral appliques layered on Chantilly lace, is a beautiful example.

Guipure/Venise/Venetian Lace

Venetian or Venetian Lace is also known as Guipure. It is a strongly raised bobbin lacing that can be used with or without a netting background. Guipure lace can often be seen with swirling or floral motifs. This makes it a great choice for brides who want to make a statement and look elegant in their wedding gowns. The glamorous yet modern Essence of Australasia Style D3488 has beaded scrolling and linear Guipure Lace.

Schiffli Lace

Schiffli lace can be created by embroidering a design onto a piece of the treated fabric. It then disintegrates when it comes in contact with certain chemicals. The pattern is left behind. There are many other ways to dissolve the material today, including heat and water-soluble fabrics. Bohemian elegance is brought to life in Essense Australia Style D3443. This unique lace pattern calls on traditional embroidery patterns and elevates it for modern brides.

Point D’Esprit

Point D’Esprit is the simplest type of lace and features woven dots on sheer tulle. This lace is great for creating an illusion top or layering it with a skirt. You can layer additional lace or embroidery on top for a more dimensional look. Point D’Esprit can be an attractive choice for the modern bride or the simple bride who wants to include lace in her wedding gown. Martina Liana’s Style 1423 exudes elegance and flattering femininity with its head-to-toe floral lacing and delicate beaded straps.

Embroidered Lace

Bridal fashion is often adorned with embroidered lace. This is a fitting choice for brides who value detail. This lace is usually made up of an illusion fabric with the lace sewn on top. It looks like applique and can be used for intricate necklines. For a WOW moment, lace often features sequins or beading.

The Essense Style D3284 by Essense Australia is a beautiful example. Its floating lace has been thoughtfully distributed throughout the bust, waist, and sleeves. This adds elegance and delicateness to the off-the-shoulder neckline. The dramatic open back is also trimmed with floating lace details for an elegant and detailed look. This stunning style is finished with lace at the extra-long, scalloped train.

Beaded Lace

When it comes to lace wedding gowns, beaded lace is very popular! You can have lace and sparkle on your big day so that brides can enjoy the best of both worlds. There are many options for laces with sequins, bugle beads and sequins.

Stella York Style 7529, for example, features sparkling sequins, stunning beading, and luxurious lace that adds just the right amount of glamour! The gown is also available in plus sizes.

Cotton Lace

There are many options for lace, depending on what look you desire. Cotton lace is more matte and soft to the touch. Martina Liana Luxe style LE1128 is made with flat cotton lace and vintage-style floral motifs on the bodice, sleeves, and back. Layer it with soft tulle and 3-D embellishments to create a rich texture. This gown is a show-stopper and is perfect for brides who want a glamorous, magical effect on their bridal day.

Lace Appliques

Lace appliques can add a little lace to the hem, back or bodice. They come in many styles and shapes. The All Who Wander Raine dress is a romantic, boho A-line gown with delicate blooms and organic-shaped lace leaves.

What’s the Best Lace to Wear for Your Wedding Dress?

What image comes to mind when you hear “wedding gown”? Because lace is an iconic, beloved bridal fabric worldwide, you may envision lace wedding gowns. Lace has been used for centuries to make stunning, elegant and timeless wedding gowns. Continue reading to find out more about this beautiful bridal fabric and how you can select the right lace for your wedding gown.

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