How to choose the perfect veil length for your dress

The veil is a wedding accessory that has a rich and long history. From ancient Greek and Roman women protecting themselves against evil spirits to showing respect and humility towards their gods – there are many reasons why couples honor this classic wedding accessory.

The meaning of veiling may be important to 2023 couples, but we cannot ignore the elegance and timeless style these beautifully-crafted pieces can bring to your wedding. There’s a style of wedding veil for every bride, whether you want to go for a dramatic royal aesthetic or a fun, flirty, and chic vibe.

Dress Style

The award-winning wedding shop in Tasmania — Elegant Elegance — expresses the following:

There are no rules for veils. Every bride has her own style, and the style of gown often determines the veil. For example, a simple gown can be paired with a veil that is more elaborate, including lace, crystals, or pearl trim. If the gown is more elaborate, a simpler veil would be appropriate. When trying gowns on, your stylist can make suggestions. When trying gowns on, it is best to wear a few veils. This will give you a better understanding.

Your veil length will be influenced by the style of your wedding dress. Each dress style will have a preferred veil type. From backless, slinky gowns to mermaid dresses, tea-length cocktail dress styles, classic ballgowns and princess-style dresses, each dress will be suited for a specific type of veil. You can choose a longer veil with sheer material to highlight the back of your gown.


Decide which part of your gown you want to emphasize the most. Then, decide on the length, thickness, and texture of your veil.

Michelle Pagonis

Dress Material

The material of the wedding dress will also influence the length, edge, and embellishments you choose for your veil. You can choose a veil with lace trim if you are wearing a dress that is detailed, like a boho lace dress. If not, you can opt for no veil. Avoid clashing colors, styles, or details if you want to add lace detail to your veil. You don’t want your veil to distract from your dress but rather to enhance it.

Most dress materials are compatible with simple sheer veils. Others may decide to add a crystal-embellished edge or sparkling satin veil to their silk gown. Mix and match is fine as long as the fabrics and details don’t clash.

Theme and Vibe of the Wedding

If you are planning a beach wedding, it may be a relaxed affair. You might also want to go for a modern, funky city feel. Your veil choice may be influenced by your wedding’s theme and style.

Perth’s luxury label — JRW Bridal & Couture — explains the following:

It’s more about your mood and style for the day. The shorter veil (waist-length) is more flirty and fun, while the longer covers are more dramatic. “For princess-style gowns I like the veil to be slightly longer than train, and for more fitted gowns only slightly longer works well.”


It’s essential to set a price range or budget for your wedding veil. Some veils are expensive, even more so than your dress, depending on their brand, detail, and material. Knowing your budget can help you choose the right style veil.


Hairstyles are a major factor to be considered! You may not want to cover up a stylish texture bun with a thick texture veil. Pin a long, sheer veil underneath the bun. You can place a veil on top of your head if you want to rock some Hollywood or mermaid waves.

Customized Veils

We can create stunning custom veils if you have a specific vision.” If you have a vision, we can create a stunning custom veil. .” — Bridal House Geelong.

You may enjoy browsing veils at different stores. However, consider a custom-designed blanket! If you are looking for a style that is not readily available, this is an excellent option. You can also add a personal touch, such as embroidered letters! It’s a great way to make a unique wedding keepsake.

There are many options for veils. From vows or initials to matching dress lace, there is something for everyone! Keep in mind that your guests will be looking at the back of your gown and veil throughout your ceremony. !” – – JRW Bridal Couture, Perth.

Belle et Blanc, Melbourne

The right length of the veil for your wedding gown is essential to complete your ensemble. The style, color, and fabric of your dress, along with your hairstyle, may influence your choice. Your veil can either enhance or distract from the beauty of your dress. You’re ready to go if your veil compliments your dress and hairstyle. It’s really a matter of personal taste. You may choose to add a pop of color or go for something totally out of the ordinary. Your wedding day is all about you!

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