Here’s a Bespoke Designer Label to match your Trousseau

Here’s a Bespoke Designer Label to match your Trousseau

Brides, I hear ya! I know the stress that planning your wedding can be. But do you know what’s the most stress-inducing aspect of planning? Making a decision on what to wear. Brides must dress in a distinctive way at every event and ensure that the colors or patterns do not repeat. It’s an impossible difficult task! However, it doesn’t need to be. All you need is an idea within your mind and figure out what type of outfit you’d like. Contact your designer and it’s all set! One of the brands that will modify your lehenga exactly to your specifications and accommodate all your desires and desires are plutin.

The brand was founded in 2013. The brand was established in 2013. is a company which is proud of its beautiful embroidery designs and traditional style. “Indian heritage is full of the splendor of embroidery. They were proudly decorating the palaces in the past. The paisley pattern that traveled along on the silk road, or gorgeous and charming cherubs of Kashmir who adorned the dresses of Delhi’s sultans, or perhaps the inclusion of beads and mirrors in the lavish clothes worn by Indian nomads, the intricate pattern of traditional embroidery is beautifully recreated in every creation” Says Samarjeet Kaur Gurm, founder of Plumtin.

Plumtin is, as its name implies is a tin, or the standard trunk box full of things to keep. It is believed that a trousseau isn’t only a clothing collection but also a source of memories. The memories that come to life over and over again. They will always keep us in mind of the importance of the moment. In perpetuity, they pass on their advice of the wise. In ode to the present the costumes tell an interesting story. A story that is woven using the rich history of hand-woven and embroidery. Each piece is distinctive in its journey from the earliest roots of our culture to the blossoms that are beginning to blossom. The craftmanship is built on strength and allows for the flexibility to fly. They create custom, ready to wear bridal gowns trousseau, formal woman dresses, cushion and clutches. Here’s a peek of their selection-

1.A hand-embroidered dress in rose pink that has perfect shades that include blush pinks, ivory, and powder blues that give the illusion of glitter.

2. Hand embroidered dress with floral patterns in zardozi, birds on colorful threads perched upon Zardozi branches

3. A gharara lehenga that is embroidered with stunning morrocon jaal, all in exquisite zardoz work and delicate French knots

4. A delicate pink gharara with a top with embroidery in sequins and zari. The gharara is beautiful with a jaal effect, and the dupatta features flowers embossed using french knots as well as the zardozi

5. A beautiful lilac gown that features Morrocan designs and filigree lines decorated with sequins

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