Always The Designer, Never The Groom Until Now

A huge congratulations to the CEO/Creative director of Justin Alexander, Justin Alexander Warshaw, and his gorgeous partner Kelsey Anne Turchi as they celebrate to celebrate their wedding! Let’s explore their love story and how Justin proposed to Kelsey Anne Turchi…

The two met for the first time in 2019 via mutual acquaintances at a startup meeting in NYC. They had a great time that evening but only connected since the party… the year after, they had a chance to meet and booked trips to Tulum to celebrate New Year’s Eve! They had a drink together on NYE, and from that point on, they both knew they must meet up with each other, and that was when fate led them both to Tulum!

After returning to the capital city, Justin and Kelsey met for their first date in public at the bar Jamon in the town. They also had their first date at their dear Irving. (Remember the name of this place. It’s an important point later!)

Justin and Kelsey have many interests. Among them is the sport of basketball… Interesting Fact The two Justin and Kelsey were high school athletes and were allowed to participate in basketball at the college level! The second time they met was a Nets game; what a fitting choice!

Over a few months, they became a couple, spending each day together even when Justin was not on the road to work. Then, COVID-19 struck NYC, and on the 16th of March, the couple decided that it was best to leave the city, and they were quarantined together at the family home Justin’s parents resided in Garrison, NY.

“After living with Kelsey for a short time, I knew how special she was and how perfectly we complemented each other: it was in Garrison when I told Kelsey that I loved her.” Justin – Justin

In the course of their quarantine, they made the trip to Gainesville. GA, where Kelsey’s parents are located, to enjoy some time with them and introduce Justin to his family. After a visit to Fripp Island in South Carolina, it was time to return to NYC after spending a few days until late July.

“Our summer was surreal as we continued to get to know each other, we did fun activities like biking, wake surfing, golfing, cooking, exploring and our love grew for one another.” Justin – Justin

After returning, they decided to live together in Justin’s house… Soon after, they realized they needed more space and began searching for a home outside the city. A thrilling moment for the couple. Buying their first house in New Jersey, Justin shortened his commute to JA NJ Headquarters, and Kelsey was hired to join Salesforce! Justin requested Kelsey’s father’s permission to propose during the Christmas season in Gainesville, GA. He set out to ask for the bride’s hand at the beginning of 2021.

“I wanted to request permission in person. Mike (Kelsey’s dad) was extremely emotionally and thrilled to be with us. He even asked me for a marriage proposal with Kelsey. I’ve always enjoyed the conversations we had and I will not forget the moment.” — Justin

Kelsey and Justin joined their family and adopted a puppy in February from The Home For Good in New Jersey. They gave him the name “Irving” after their first date – as big Nets supporters, Irving didn’t mind sharing his name with one of their most popular players!

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