A Serene Multi-Culture Wedding In The Backwaters Of uk

The atmosphere that surrounded Medha the way that Medha and Jules’ Kerala wedding is hard to define. The couple describes it as “magical,” and it’s simple to understand why! The wedding was multi-cultural at the river backwaters in Bekal. The thing that struck us the most was its classiness. We loved how the guests, who were from all across the globe, could experience India in various ways, not the food! The bride’s ensemble, with a light white Sabyasachi dress, was a stunning choice for a wedding in the daytime. The décor perfectly completes the couple and the setting, simple yet attractive. The wedding was inspiring in many ways!

Meet Medha and Jules

Fifteen years ago, the year 2007 was when I relocated 15 years ago; in 2007, I moved to Bangalore 2007 from California, and Jules relocated from France. As a 12-year-old boy at Canadian International School, Bangalore was not in my dreams would I ever imagined that I would marry Jules, a 13-year-old French man who was from Mulhouse, France, with a mohawk and straight razored hairstyles who could barely speak! Who would have believed that the boy with whom I ran through shopping centers taking countless photos and escaped the wrath of security guards, rode rickshaws on Brigade Road, played truth or dare, and fought with water would be my husband and father!? Two beautiful years in India went by in the flash of an eye and brought us closer to each other without us being aware that it was happening.

We reconnected in the year 2015. I was a student at the University of California while Jules studied in Paris. One small conversation led to months of discussion before we could meet in Paris later in the year. In the end, after a weekend of being together, we determined that this was the perfect time and that we wanted to marry one day. Despite everything, we made it through seven years of relocating between six different time zones, countries, and schools, as well as internships, jobs, and a swine flu epidemic that caused us to be separated for nine months.

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