A Real-Life Fairytale by Hazel McBride

I knew from the beginning that organizing my wedding would be a significant challenge. My fiance and I first met while I lived in Tenerife, as he was in the Netherlands. We had to endure the distance and tried to work it out between us for four years until I finally gave in and moved toward the Netherlands. To complicate our lives, we chose to wed in my hometown in Scotland.

Planning a wedding overseas wasn’t going to be easy, but toss the prospect of getting married during an epidemic, and you’ve got yourself a chance for catastrophe. It seems like.

Because we’ve gone far, we are experts in video calls. The beginning of our engagement was in lockdown, and since we were aware that many vendors and venues would shortly not be available for the dates we requested and we were forced other than to book without going first. We could take virtual media tours, our cake samples were posted in the mail, and we read reviews on suppliers for months.

We didn’t need to miss the excitement of planning a wedding. We just needed to adjust. The things we could do online were booked. What we needed to accomplish in person – such as locating my wedding dress had to wait for.

It turned out that condensing everything into a week of wedding excitement and luxuries to make it more memorable was more memorable. My bridesmaids had the week off from work, and we spent the week soaking up afternoon teas, brunches with a cocktail, and dress fittings as the length of a week-long Hen celebration!

I learned how to relax and trust that everything would be okay.

It was the day my initial shopping appointment loomed, and I was determined to remain open. I went to the local shop, Wedding Wise, and as the true professionals, they are, Elaine quickly knew precisely what kind of dress I was searching for. That meant she arranged me in at least five Justin Alexander Signature Collection dresses within an hour.

Although I adored the entire collection, I had yet to experience that spark and decided to explore more stores. I was also fighting internal battles with the reflection in the mirror after a massive weight gain due to the pandemic. Then Elaine said she had another outfit she would like me to try. Before the gown was zipped, I looked in the mirror and decided, “This is the dress I want. It was different from what I had initially requested, and it looked like Style 88122 was designed to fit me.

Its sweetheart-shaped neckline is soft and feminine. The corset gave me a sense of security without being restrictive and, despite having a lower back and not having lengthy sleeves (which I had always insisted was what I wanted), it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable regarding my shoulders that were broad or arms in any way. When I viewed myself in the mirror, I was a fairytale bride, with no worries, as that’s what I wanted to look like on my wedding day. I was utterly convinced. The gorgeous drop sleeves made me feel like Belle of Beauty and the Beast, and the soft sand skirt and the ivory-colored lace completed the fairytale style perfectly. The long train provided just the perfect ” extra ” level I knew I wanted.

The day of our wedding was the hottest, sunniest day of the year here in Scotland, and when I got into my gown with the sun shining through the windows to my back, it was surreal. I couldn’t believe the day of my wedding was upon me, and I would be able to wear perhaps the most stunning dress I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I was also thrilled that I didn’t have the full sleeves; otherwise, I’d melt down on the floor by 11 am.

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