What is the best hairstyle to match your wedding dress neckline

You’ve finally found the wedding dress of your dreams, and can’t you wait to wear it down the aisle and on the dancefloor? Wait. Hold up. While a casual, ponytail-style hairstyle is great for the fitting room at the atelier, you should think about which hairstyle best suits the neckline of your wedding gown.

This article will show you some of the hottest, most on-trend necklines for wedding dresses, along with the hairstyles that go best with them. Some necklines allow you to select from a wide range of options, while others can be a bit more difficult. These tips will help you create a wedding look that is both cohesive and stunning.

This d’Italia bridal gown features a structured neckline, but the free-flowing waves complement it with movement. Liz Barnes captured this image.

Find your perfect wedding dressStrapless

Brides who want to emphasize their necks and décolletage have been choosing strapless gowns for years. A strapless neckline offers a wide range of options for hairstyles. Erin Shanley of Erin Shanley Hair says, “I’d suggest a strapless neckline, with your hair straight and out. Listen to me! Many people believe that you must have your hair curled in order to look like a wedding bride. This is not true. It’s not true that Hollywood waves are more flattering than a nice blow-dry. A blow-dry looks natural and can look just as good. “If you don’t want to let your hair down, the classic low or midi buns are a great alternative.”

Kristie Bradbury, Sydney, suggests a bun as well. “A long shear veil looks stunning paired with either a sleek, low bun or voluminous, low bun for a romantic aesthetic.” Kristie says, “The bigger the better!”


High necklines are a sign of refined elegance. These dresses often have delicate details like lace sleeves, à la Grace Kelly. Dresses with high necks often have a sheer or open back to balance out the look.


Hairstylists generally agree that a bride with a high collar should opt for an updo. Loose, untidy hair can distract from the lines and details of the dress by hiding the fabric. Adrienne, Makeup Artist & Hairstylist , explains: “I would look into doing either a chignon or top knot, but not out with a higher neckline.”

For high necklines, you can also opt for textured boho braided up-dos and a sleek ponytail. As a general rule, balance the amount of detail on your dress. Keep your hair simple if there is intricate beadwork or lace on the neck.

This rule does not apply to halter-neck dresses with a high neck and sleeveless in simple fabrics like satin or silk. This style can be paired with flowing hair, particularly for brides who have short or mid-length tresses.

Melissa’s Photography captured this image at Buckland Estate. Melissa’s Photography captured this image at Buckland Estate.

V-neck or scoop neck

The v-neck is another versatile neckline. This dress style is popular because it flatters virtually every body type. A v-neck dress is symmetrical, which allows you to experiment with an asymmetrical style. This neckline can be enhanced with braids or buns that are gently gathered to one side. V-necks can be enhanced by a half-up, half-down look with limited details or fabrics near the neck.

Off the shoulder

Easy Weddings loves a dramatic, off-the-shoulder moment. This dress style can be as simple and elegant as a sheath or as elaborate as the full ballgown silhouette. Off-the-shoulder gowns are paired perfectly with undone, soft hairstyles to enhance their romance. As with a strapless gown, the bare shoulders and décolletage will look stunning with loose hairstyles like glamour waves or an old Hollywood finger wave.age beautifully.

Boat Neck

In recent years, boat necklines have been making a big comeback on the international stage. This is thanks to a royal wedding. Boat necklines are popular because they show off the skin on the shoulder blades and cover up your chest.

This elegant retro design is a great fit for up-dos. Due to their retro appeal, boat neck dresses go well with bobs or faux bobs. A boat neck dress’s clean, simple lines are a perfect contrast to “piecey”, romantic hairstyles that include veils, floral accents, and (of course) tiaras.

Glass Slipper Photography captured a boat neckline with an elegant, sleek bob.

“Help! What if my hair is short?

What about a pompadour, pixie, or bob? The best way to achieve both is by wearing your hair out. Short hair will show off the shoulders and not compete with a structured or high neckline.

Are you still looking for long hair on your wedding day? Ask your hairdresser if extensions are an option. You have many options to enhance your mane. Clip-in extensions can give you the long hair that you want for a day. Semi-permanent hair extensions will make you look like a Disney princess for your honeymoon.

This decorative look is by strong>Monique De Vercelli Hair & Makeup/strong>. This look was created by Monique de Vercelli Hair & Makeup.

More advice…

  • Fashion will always remain subjective. Wearing a high-necked gown with embroidered details and loose, flocking hair with confidence will make you look stunning. Wear what you like.
  • Ask for advice from experts. Both your hairstylists and dress designers will have contributed their creativity to many weddings. They can offer expert advice on the best way to ensure that your hairstyle and dress are in harmony.
  • Don’t be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress. Lucy, a real bride, says, “It was a long time before I decided what I wanted. I had thought that I wanted my hair up, which is something I wouldn’t normally do. My hairdresser helped me realize that I wanted to feel and look like myself on my wedding day. “I loved my hair, and I’m so glad we left it down.”

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