WeddingBazaar Hidden Gems of Bridal Wear

There’s a lot to be done prior to the beginning of the wedding planning process begin to move, from identifying the wedding suppliers and arranging your wedding outfit and securing your wedding location. Before you begin planning your wedding attire hair, makeup, and dress one of the things to do is identifying the names of brands that might be used in your trousseau. However, looking over the same brands could get…boring.

This is why we present to you our newest edition of “WBHidden Gems”. With a myriad of niche or hidden brands that are waiting for you the latest edition of our WeddingBazaar Hidden Gems Series will be awe-inspiring for you.

Simply scroll down and look through our top brands for this month!

WeddingBazaar Hidden Gems of 

Bridal Wear

  1. Mayur Pankhi by Chitraveethi

Mayur Pankhi is a brand owned by Chitraveethi can be described as an Instagram-based store that sells hand-painted sarees and lehengas, as well as suits along with the dupattas. The store is run by the amazing the incredibly talented Dr Kamini Jain. This store is an amazing treasure trove of beautiful hand-painted textiles. Because hand-painted, handmade textiles are in fashion nowadays, we recommend you take a look particularly for their beautiful stunning hand-painted floral sarees!

  1. Preevin

The brand was established in 2011 with the help of fashion designer Priyanka Batra in 2011, Preevin has become a gorgeous illustration of her timeless style, serving not only formal, but also fusion-style women. Preevin is catering for more than fifteen states in India. Internationally, the brand from India caters to the USA, UK, UAE and many other nations. From lehengas to angrakhas to beautiful dresses, Preevin can help you to find the perfect dress for your wedding event!

  1. Warp ‘N Weft

Created in 1997 by Sagrika Rai. Warp N Weft is a fashion house that’s been operating since 1997. The brand takes pride in creating products that are rich in Banarasi practices. They employ traditional methods of patterning, dyeing, spinning graphing, looming, and weaving. Their catalogue includes couture-style dresses, the lehengas, Odhnis, dupattas, etc. with a range of fabrics and silks such as crystal-clear mulberry silk tissue silk, muslin etc. They sell their stunning pieces in their flagship store in Mumbai as well as on their website, online retailers like Nykaa Fashion, and certain multi-retailer stores across the world.

  1. Swtantra

Swatantra is a name that’s seen some growth in the saree industry. Their sarees are basic but stunningly elegant. Their quality of blouses and sarees is stunning! With prices that are on the low end, these sarees are available in a range of styles that include both undraped and pre-draped alternatives to pick from. We love bronze sarees that sparkle like a heavenly light!

  1. Pomcha Jaipur

Pomcha is a label for clothing that was created and designed by Archana Choudhary. Their designs are influenced by the prints, colours and the rich heritage of Rajasthan which we all recognize and love. There is a lot in floral designs and Gota patterns that are patti-laden in their clothes and their fabrics are special, luxurious and absolutely delicious. The designs of Pomcha reflect the rich culture and tradition of India by drawing many of their inspirations from Jaipur and Rajasthan with the help of the lehengas Anarkalis suits, shararas and more.

  1. Pin Up by Astha

Pin Up from Astha is a brand that is the next generation of Indian brand that seeks to mix classic drapes from an Indian clothing with modern cuts that create modern aesthetics that feature flowing silhouettes, feminine cuts and exclusive embroidery. The label pays particular attention to the finer details and uses high-end threads, distinctive embellishments, and sparkling sequins to make attractive clothes. In addition, their pastel-hued dresses are simply stunning!


  1. Knot Me Cute

Knot Me Cute is a shop made up of masters who are known for their outstanding workmanship. Each design they create showcases their expertise using their needles and tinge of passion through the highest quality thread. Their designs showcase an elevated fashion and a statement that every bride should be able to be able to make! They are, in fact, one of our favorite wedding stores on Instagram. jewelry.

  1. AeTee

If you’re in search of something unique, this is the right place for you! The Pieces collection by AeTee are the ideal choice to wear with your cocktail attire or Reception outfits. They’re designed in extravagant and minimalist designs, which makes them individual and of high-end.

  1. Shringaar- The Ethnic Story

Shringaar celebrates each bride’s unique story. From oxidised gems to gorgeous silver work, Shringaar is an Instagram label that combines sophistication with class and elegance, as well as stunning silver and base oxidisation.

  1. Curio Cottage

If you’re a frequent walker to the luxurious gallisof Colaba market is the place to be. You’ll surely be familiar with the gorgeous boutique of Curio Cottage that nestles comfortably between the imposing ancient Taj along with the Regal cinema. Established around three generations ago in the year 1971, Curio Cottage is a jewelry designer who is adored by a wide range of people, including many famous people. From the beautiful temple jewelry from South India to minakari, Kundan and pachikaam, all from Rajasthan and Gujarat as well as filigree from Orissa and delicately made pieces made from Bengal their jewelry is influenced by the rich Indian heritage of craftsmanship and design. Apart from their physical presence, Curio Cottage can also be found on their online platform, along with many other online retailers.

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