Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid

When choosing the color scheme, you’ll choose, I suggest youthink about the reception area. For example, if you’ve decided to have a reception space with gold and burgundy carpets and a color scheme that includes the lime-colored green with the fuchsia, it could certainly clash, and there’s no other way to get around it.

Solution: I recommend using your space design to determine your color choices. You could also select a venue that doesn’t have much color, so you don’t have to worry about a possible conflict.

2. Neglecting to Order Mock Florals

Colors can be subjective or the idea of bright coral flowers may not match what your florist will arrive to present at your wedding. Are you comfortable with the possibility that what you imagined to be a coral-colored bouquet could be baby pink? Some couples won’t allow this to bother them. If you’re in that category, that’s great for you! However, a few brides could be messy when their perfect bouquets did not match the overall style.

A solution is requesting your floral designer to create the “test” bouquet and centerpiece. This way, you’ll know that you’re on the exact with regards to color. There aren’t any surprises on your wedding day!


Selecting the colors for your wedding is among the most thrilling aspects of the planning process since they will set the tone for the entire celebration. If you don’t choose your colors promptly, you could be scurrying around to locate items that coincide or complement. This is especially the case if you’ve selected the most unique colors.

Solution: Make yourself accountable! At some point during the period of dreaming (as I prefer to refer to it), you must put those goals into action. There is no way to get anything done without an appropriate color palette.

4. Forgetting About the Importance of Contrast

What happens is that You decide you’d like to have a pale pink wedding, and you choose to pick the bridesmaid’s dress in pale pink for all your guests to wear. After a moment of thought, you purchase the same color bouquets. You need to take the variety into account to avoid ending up with an appearance of a plain look, lacking excitement and zing.

Keep the contrast of your surroundings in mind while choosing your clothes and invitations, table linens, and much more. Consider the bigger picture and note that all layers must not bedifferent. Exact. Color. A few shades of different shades can help a lot!


Unfortunately, this occurs often! Undoubtedly, not all colors are a good choice when it comes to the dress code of your wedding celebration. Specific colors can make people look out, while others do not flatter anyone.

The answer: When selecting a bridesmaid dress, consider the colors and body shapes of your most loved ladies. In particular, everyone will be able to wear an evening-length gown in a chartreuse color. Bring your ladies in the shop for bridal gowns to narrow down to a shade that matches most of your bridal party. I guarantee that your guests will appreciate it!

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