Wedding Boom is Here What’s Trending Right Now

In the words of The New York Times, 2.5 million couples will be wedding this year. This is a record number since 1984! This is”the year” of the boom in weddings. With a plethora of couples resolving to exchange vows, it’s expected for new styles to come up. Here, the top event planners and caterers discuss what they’re seeing currently.

First Gaze Before the Graze

Couples are now sharing the moment of a lifetime to take a “first look” at the wedding venue and watch the ideas they have become a reality during the wedding, in the words of Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production. “The “gaze before the graze” moment is identical to the traditional intimate first glance between couples, especially the wedding couple.

Couples are turning to pop culture to inspire their big day. In the hit Netflix series Bridegerton, The show’s soundtrack comprises classical string trios/quartets performing contemporary songs by Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Constellation Culinary Group is the official caterer of Sarasota’s Art Museum. Sarasota Art Museum has observed the shift in the styles of music after the debut of the show and has offered an element of classical music to rekindle the romance.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour

Your wedding day should be a joyful celebration; positively start the daypositively by having a few drinks and a social time before the ceremony! Constellation Culinary Group is seeing more couples opting for an evening cocktail hour before before the tradition that allows their guests to unwind and get to know the other guests instead of waiting until the wedding ceremony is about to start.

Eco-Conscious Ceremonies

There are indeed environmental advantages to smaller weddings and elopements. For instance, astonishing figures from the Green Bride Guide indicate that approximately 400 pounds of trash and sixty tons of CO2 is a typical wedding cost. Couples who prefer smaller weddings or elopements can still enjoy their celebration in grand style but with much less production and less waste. Hillsboro Beach Resort has developed a special wedding package catering to couples who want to have these meticulous ceremony-like ceremonies at the beach. With couples opting for intimate and romantic ceremonies in the Hillsboro Beach Resort, they directly contribute to local businesses. They also protect the beach and the giant sea turtle population by having an eco-friendly wedding.

Experiential Catering With Art-Inspired Food

The common theme of art-inspired catering options gives couples an immersive experience that allows them to be a part of the art surrounding them. This trend of experiential dining offers a unique opportunity for art lovers to make iconic art pieces the centerpiece of their special occasion and serve an exciting and unique menu to their guests.

Constellation Culinary Group, the Norton Museum of Art’s official catering partner, has begun offering catering menus inspired by famous artists on display in the gallery. A great example of innovative catering that draws inspiration from world-renowned artwork is available when you host a wedding held at the Norton Museum of Art. Guests can enjoy Campbell’s Tomato Soup served with sliced bread inside the can that is branded as a tribute to the most famous Warhol painting.

Cake Is Out

Dessert bars are trending! At Perez Art Museum Miami, dessert bars are in! Perez Art Museum Miami Ice cream bars are a hot trend. Constellation Culinary Group runs the restaurant, the exclusive wedding destination that has seen the direction of the ice cream bar as a substitute for wedding cakes. Amid Miami’s climate, how can it ensure ice cream doesn’t melt? Constellation Culinary provides the couple an ice cream cart to keep the delicious dessert from vaporizing. This option is an excellent method to break the mold and give the guests something out of the norm.

Science Weddings

In this year’s wedding boom, couples are trying to shake things up and have their special day in a different location. Cue science museums! Weddings held at museums of science provide teams plenty of space for their event, scientific culinary options, and engaging light shows performed by couples’ favorite rock groups. The Frost Science Museum Constellation Culinary Group entirely takes on the theme of science in its innovative menus. There are various options, including a delicious chocolate craters dessert served by an experienced pastry chef wearing an astronaut costume and pink hair. Other options for scientific food include the Moon Rock food station, which consists of a nitrogen tank chefs use to create “moon rocks” (chocolate mousse frozen in liquid nitrogen) with toppings such as hazelnut ganache that guests can enjoy while they smoke they chew. After cocktail hour before the reception and a pre-reception cocktail hour, you can enjoy the Frost Science Museum, known for its late-night laser light shows in the planetarium in the museum. The show is set to a carefully selected collection of music. Some highlights are Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana. Constellation Culinary Group serves Frost 321 Nitro Cocktails. These drinks are trippy and enjoyable at night with lights, music, science, and lights.

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