If you’re a bride who has planned her wedding from a young age or only recently stepped into the wedding world planning a wedding, shopping for a dress for your wedding can be a stressful experience. It’s definitely overwhelming with all the different types, designs, and colors. What do you do with the anxiety? Make sure you are prepared!

These are the 13 things that no person will tell you about shopping for your wedding dress.

  1. Not You’re Dream Dress

Get rid of your preconceived notions of what your wedding dress ought to appear like. Likely, the clothing you envision wearing will be different from the one that you purchase. To find the perfect dress that fits your body, it is essential to be willing to try different designs and shapes. Also, be flexible about trying an outfit even when it doesn’t look good when you put it on. It could fit your body perfectly or highlight your features to create a feeling and appearance stunning.

  1. Commitment Issues

Do not commit to the dress everyone says is beautiful (that will bring tears to your mother’s eyes) that you do not love. Choose what is best for you. Even if the salesperson says that more than seven months is needed and you’ll need to decide now, do not be influenced. You’ll know when the dress is perfect, so trust your intuition.


  1. Take Blake Lively’s Advice

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” If you’re not at ease and confident in your dress, it will reflect. If you need more time in any clothing from the store, consider shopping other or trying a new style. Determine what you’d like to attract attention to and what you’d like to divert the attention to before you begin shopping.

  1. Pinned

Check out Your Pinterest board, Instagram likes, and screenshots, and you’ll see a common trend in fashion. Please take a few pictures or print them out to bring them with you to the appointment. This will not only assist you in choosing what you want but also assist the consultant in choosing clothes you’d like to try on.


  1. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Be selective about the people you bring to your appointments. As many people as you invite with you, the more opinions they have and the higher chance that you’ll need clarification. It is recommended to bring a couple of relatives or friends you trust will be sincere with you. Certain boutiques restrict the number of guests you are allowed to bring to the store, so make sure you inquire beforehand.

  1. Booked

Schedule your appointments on an evening when you’re not confined by time, and are confident that the store will be safe. Talk to your advisor ahead of time about what time of day is quieter than the other times. Tuesday afternoons are significantly more busy than the Saturday morning.


  1. Don’t Starve it.

Make sure to eat before and between scheduled appointments. Wedding dresses can be heavy, and the process of trying one after one will make you tired. A healthy diet to last the entire day is crucial in shopping for your wedding dress. You don’t want to get sick or experience severe hangry issues during this occasion.

  1. Wear Makeup

Because most wedding dresses are in ivory or white, and all shades in between, you’ll appear washed out if you don’t have any color on your face. Don’t be caked. A little blusher and a few lines will help you imagine how you’ll appear on the big day.

  1. Put your visual Hat On

Most likely, the clothes you test on will be different from your ideal size. You’ll need to visualize the final product if you’re making your own dress. You can trust the expert and ask lots of questions to help you to create a clearer picture in your head and help make the process less stress-inducing.


  1. A Box of Tissues

It’s OK to be the sole person in the room with dry eyes. You may not be tempted to weep when you’ve found the perfect dress. But every dress you put on is likely to cause some tears. Be prepared for a few ups and down mood; it’s not an important thing.

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