New Ultimate Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Neutral shades, mixed and match styles, and delicate glitter… These are the fashions to check out this season for weddings!

Are you looking for a chic bridesmaid inspiration for your 2023 or 2024 wedding? We’ve found all of the bridesmaid dress trends for 2023! We’ve pulled together all the latest collections for bridesmaids, as well as runway trends and real brides!

From neutral to the latest colors and stylish patterns, keep scrolling to get some new fashion inspiration to make your bridesmaids look stunning and achieve the perfect wedding style…

Different Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

Multiple Styles of True Bride available in Tamem Michael & Perfect Day

The most popular bridesmaids’ dress style that we’ve seen being observed is the trend towards individuality! The bridesmaids you choose to have appear and feel at their best, and picking various styles and shapes will ensure they feel comfortable and add a contemporary look to your wedding.

Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Style LB047 from Dessy is available on Divinity Bridal & Perfect Day

High-shine fabrics are expected to be favored by 2023. Satin is shown to be particularly well-liked. Also, we hope to see more flexible slip dresses that will eventually be reused. Sustainability is also on the rise. So why not make it extra special by arranging your bridesmaids dressed in various colors, styles, tones, and colors?

Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Style # 21559 Chic Chiffon Bridesmaids Dress with Criss Cross Back made by Morilee available in La Bella Sposa

Wedding receptions in 2023 are likely to be awash in neutral colors. Tips: Pick diverse neutral colors for your bridesmaids that complement their distinct skin tones. There are also gowns with embellishments and some basic and minimalistic dresses to add texture and depth to the overall appearance.

Multi-way Bridesmaid Dresses

The Twist me Tie me, Maxi Dress Green, by Monsoon.

Change it up with multi-way dresses for your bridesmaids, like these gorgeous designs from Monsoon. With this kind of dress, you can tie, wrap, and twist in various methods to make a distinctive design and taste pleasing to all your girls. It provides a unique and elegant appearance.

Floaty & Florals Bridesmaid Dresses

(Left left to left) Style Falini and Hanika by Pronovias are available at Romantique Bridal and McElhinney’s Bridal Rooms

The spring season is only a few steps over the hill, so light, airy, and flowery dresses are short! They are perfect for outdoor weddings abroad in the garden or if you want an elegant and simple look for your wedding event.

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Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

(Left from left) (Left to right) Styles M676 M68,6, and M695 from True Bride stocked at Tamem Michael & Perfect Day

We love something a bit sparkle when it comes to dresses for bridesmaids! We’ve noticed that subtle sequins are becoming popular this wedding season. They are adorned with delicate elements that add that spark of glamour and glitz. The styles featured by True Bride are the perfect illustration of elegance and ease.

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