Laura met Ben while visiting a friend at Swansea University. She says, “I never expected to experience ‘love-at-first sight’.” It caught me by surprise! My family lives in Swansea, so I could return to spend more time with Ben. He realized it was my second or third time. He asked me to go get Joe’s Ice Cream, a Swansea treasure.


Laura says, “Ben proposed at Three Cliffs Bay near Swansea. It was a special place.” We’d visited the area a few times during the three years that we were dating and even camped on the cliffs a couple of times. Every time we go there, it feels like we’re discovering the place for the first. The short distance to get there is well worth the effort. When the weather is right, you can enjoy beautiful views and a stunning sunset.


Laura says, “I discovered WED2B by searching Google.” I loved reading the WED2B site and fantasizing about our wedding. The staff at Exeter were very friendly and helpful. They helped me to feel confident that I had chosen the right dress. They made me feel like having the perfect dress for me was the number one priority. The bridal shop was bright, airy and spacious. It was a very pleasant experience.

Laura says, “I wanted to have a classic and contemporary look for our wedding.” “My Bekkie gown was beautifully shaped and had a timeless feel, so I loved it when I tried it on. I immediately saw myself wearing it to walk down the aisle and meet my future husband. It was also understated, and I felt confident wearing it.


The couple got married in the late afternoon of Saturday, 5th November 2022. Laura says, “It was an unusually mild day in November and it was mostly dry. This is not always the case in Swansea.” Our wedding venue was Juniper Place. It’s a beautiful modern restaurant and bar near the coast. It’s only a short walk from Wind Street, where the after-party will be held.

The staff at Juniper Place made a big impact on our decision when we were looking for a venue close to the sea. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic. It’s an adorable local business. They were very excited about hosting their first wedding. The venue has a warm and modest charm.”

The Big Day

Laura says that Ben and she got ready separately in the Premier Inn, which is near our venue. Laura says, “Once we were ready, the girls, Ben and I went to the venue to set up before the guests arrived.”

Ben and I both lost our grandparents in the last few years, and we wanted to honor them at our wedding. We created a table lit by candles with photos of Ben’s Nan and mine. “We also placed’reserved signs’ in the front row for the ceremony with a verse special for Nan and Grampy.”


“Ben, my husband and I made our own archway out of brass and decorated it with dried flowers and foliage. It was the focal point of our wedding ceremony, and also the backdrop to family photos. “The venue had rustic hanging light bulbs, beautiful fairy lights, and warm, rustic hanging light bulbs, all tastefully draped throughout the room. The large window where the ceremony was to take place also had these.

Laura says, “My father walked me to the ceremony area in Juniper Place. It was a beautiful setting.” Surrounded by my closest family and friends, it was a memorable moment in my life. I am so thankful that friends came from all over to join us on that special day. Ben’s close friend married us, and he gave his own speech. My two best friends gave short speeches before inviting guests to throw confetti at us as we returned up the aisle. The guests were then invited to gather around us for the cutting of the wedding cake.”


Laura says, “After our wedding, we took family photos in front of our arch. As we were mingling with our guests, we saw others taking photos at the same location. The wedding was late, so the evening came quickly. The venue offered a modern, eclectic, and delicious buffet. “My friend Anna made the cake. It included a gluten-free tier which we cut up for a buffet.”

Laura says, “We danced to our first dance ‘That Girl Is You by the Dave Matthews Band. Ben introduced me to this alternative rock band in America.” Then, we planned a special surprise for our guests who were already married. The DJ played their first dance song from their wedding day! As the music played, we brought each couple up to dance. We thought it was an adorable way to get everyone on the dance floor! “The night continued until very late, and then we went to Wind Street for some more dancing. Many of our friends stayed over the night.”


Laura says, “We arranged with our photographer something special to personalise our wedding journey and complete it.” After the wedding, we returned on a different day dressed in our wedding outfit. We made the short trip up to our special spot, the top of Three Cliffs Bay, with its view of the Gower and the sea. There are natural arches and rolling sand dunes under the cliffs. It is breathtakingly beautiful. “There are some beautiful castle ruins that overlook the estuary.”

We couldn’t have been happier with the wedding portraits we received from this session. Chris, our photographer, captured the “classic contemporary” vibe that we were going for. This location has been further enhanced. Ben actually went to the clifftop without me and gathered sand to send to America for our wedding rings!”

The Best Bits…

Laura says, “It was probably a cliche, but the most memorable moment for me was waiting with my Dad to be led down the aisle by my future husband.” I think the first dance that we organized for our friends was our most memorable moment.

My Top Tips…

If you are lucky enough to find someone to help, someone with a natural “gravitas” is indispensable when it comes time to run the event. This could be the job of the best man or venue staff. We had a family friend who was a chef by profession, and he stepped in to ‘take the reins.’ He relieved us of the burden of running the event and ensuring everything ran smoothly. “We couldn’t have been more grateful for this.”

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