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Pandora was the first woman who was mortal and was created by gods to reside on Earth and, to the point, was inhabited only by Greek gods and other male immortal beings.

Helen of Troy, The most beautiful woman in Greece, was the main reason for the famous Trojan War.

Pythia, The Oracle of Delphi, was a priestess from Apollo who could communicate with the Greek god’s power and predict the future.

Ancient Greece believed in the feminine form. The stories of gods, brave women, goddesses, or just ordinary mortals fill Greek mythology and culture. Greeks immortalized these female heroes from the arts to culture in poems, songs, and sculptures. They also wrote stories that were passed down to generations to follow. Several of them served as models to the Greeks, who admired them as a source of inspiration.

The Justin Alexander Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Goddess Energy, is a tribute to such tales, stories that highlight the beauty of female shape and women’s strength in ancient mythology. Infused with imagination and designed to enhance and highlight our gowns, we hope they stir emotions. A collection of silhouettes transcending time, bringing them into sharp focus along with a variety of lace patterns that are modern and attractive and distinctive surface details. These gowns are the ideal background for the bride to showcase her imaginative vision for her wedding day.

Hera, the Queen

The story of Greek mythology, the gorgeous Goddess Hera is the Queen of the Greek gods and the wife of Zeus, the King. Hera is the god of women, goddesses married, childbirth, and marriage. Here is the symbol of the union between the masculine and feminine she is also a goddess committed to partnership and commitment.

We have Hera dressed in the style of Fiona in a clean Mikado wedding dress that is fit for a queen. This dress is ideal for the elegant bride who wants to show off her elegant side. The slim shape and flare are stylish and minimalist; however, the stunning off-the-shoulder neckline is the show’s star.

Aphrodite, the Lover

Aphrodite was known as the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. It was believed that she was among the goddesses with beautiful looks. Even though many were envious of her stunning beauty, there was no reason to be angry with her. She helped many gods and mortals in finding real love.

Aphrodite is one of the most well-known art pieces, including Venus de Milo and Birth of Venus. It was also inspired by Style Fletcher, a sensual fitted and flared wedding gown. The luxurious charmeuse fabric is carefully made to create this contemporary and flirty dress. The scoop neckline is adorned with slim spaghetti straps that go to a gorgeous open and low back.

Demeter, the Mother

Demeter can be described as a Greek god of fertility, grains, and agriculture. Her image depicts an adult mother’s image. She is the Goddess that taught humanity about agriculture. However, she also created winter as well as a mysterious religious religion; her symbolic significance was twisted in a way that made her character imperfect.

Fashion Frankie creates Demeter with its comfortable shape and sleek style, which is complemented by a sexy twist to the character. The elegant stretch crepe A-line dress has a scoop neckline and bikini straps. The unexpected “wow” element originates from an open slit at the top and a hidden mini-skirt beneath.

Artemis, the Hunter

Artemis is the Goddess of the speed of hunting. She is often depicted with a hunter dog or deer in paintings and sculptures. She is a hunter and protector of the world. Artemis is a symbol of independence and bravery.

Artemis’s wild and free spirit is captured in the style of Florencia. The stunning wedding dress features an oversized tulle skirt with ruffles highlighting her voluminous and fantastic personality. The dress also sports a contemporary square neckline accentuated by subtle and sexy side illusions and tulle insets. The lace-sequined designs on the bodice and skirt pay tribute to Artemis and her love of wandering in the woods.

Athena, the Warrior

Athena, Goddess of wisdom, reason, and battle. She was famously seen bursting fully formed out of the face of Zeus dressed in war armor. Athena was a crucial character in the epic story of Odyssey and guided Perseus and Heracles throughout their journeys. Being a goddess of war was a part of her role in the Trojan War.

Athena is the Goddess of patronage of Athens. The city is named after her, and the Parthenon is her main temple. The harmonic proportions, the art-like construction, and the life-like sculptures in The Parthenon temple Fashion Ford were created. The fit with flare gown is the definition of a contemporary clean and stretch crepe fabric with an elegant square neckline, open back with a seamed Basque waistline, and a shapely silhouette. Style Ford is chic, refined, classy, and timeless.

Gaea, the Earth

Gaea was the Greek Goddess associated with the Earth. She was an important goddess in Greek mythology. She was a significant woman in Greek mythology since she was the only one who would be no other. Gaia was the god of all deities that surpassed all others at creation. Gaia is the Goddess of Earth, in every physical form, from the tallest of mountains to the deepest of gorges; however, she could also manifest in a godlike form, just as any other.

Style Freesia represents a tribute to Gaea with a stunning image of Gaea, “Mother Earth,” as an elegant wedding dress. This gorgeous design is Gaea revived. The A-line dress is embellished with lace sequins that shimmer throughout the skirt. Style Freesia is completed with an elongated V-neckline that plunges with long sleeves and an unrestricted V-back.

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