Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

My fiance and I were stuck when we were discussing where we wanted to be married. We would be moving in 2019, and neither our previous state nor our new residence seemed the perfect spot. After sharing our thoughts with my mom, she suggested we consider an event in a foreign country. At first, I was skeptical and thought it was a wild idea, mostly because I wasn’t sure it would be financially feasible. However, after discussing my opinion with Jon, we concluded that the idea of a Mexico wedding was precisely what we were looking for. For us, traveling to Cabo to be married was the kind of relationship we would like to be: a blast, lively, energetic, and never lacking the possibility of a surprise!

When we had our location selected, we had a lengthy journey ahead as far as the planning process was concerned, but I wanted to collect all the lessons we learned from our trip so when you have found the perfect venue for you to exchange “I do” you are all set!

1. Choose the location

It’s a simple first step, but it’s crucial to consider the following: how much are the flights and hotel rooms for the trip and in this location? Can you invite as many guests as you want to the destination that wasn’t there? How much will the average wedding in your town? Here are some ideas to start planning your wedding.

2. Decide on Your Planner

Do you want it to be either you or a family member? We did not want to take on that burden, and in all honesty, we wanted it to go as smoothly as possible, which is why it was well worth the cost. Now that the wedding is getting closer, I realize that if I didn’t have the help of a planner, I could have spent more. We had to decide between a planner from Mexico or the States and had interviews with several of them! We agreed to go to Table 6 Productions because they had been to our venue and understood our vision!

3. Dress for the Occasion

Only choose your Justin Alexander gown once you select your destination! I’ve always envisioned wearing a long-sleeved dress, but when we decided to travel to Mexico, I needed to alter my expectations. Think about the climate of your destination. What fabric will keep you warm or cool? Also, take into consideration the cultural aspects. Mexico is a country with a rich tradition that is full of gorgeous women dressed in traditional clothes. I wanted to wear a dress that fit into the landscape rather than stand out! Visit any local Justin Alexander retailer and have an experienced stylist assist you with your style!

4. Visit your Venue

I can’t be more clear that it is essential to go to your wedding venue or ask someone you trust to visit the forum. It’s another cost for a wedding in a foreign country but the terrifying stories I heard about what can happen if you don’t arrange a trip to Mexico! Most destination planners include the cost of a planning trip in the price of their services, which is crucial to consider when choosing who you would like to collaborate with.

5. Notify Friends & Family

A traditional wedding save-the-date or invitation timetable is extended in a wedding with a destination because your guests and family members require time to make reservations for hotels and flights! Many people consider this their holiday and must request at least one year before you can inform your guests! We did this by having our parents email family members that we wouldn’t want them to miss the wedding, and we sent out Save the Dates 10 months before our wedding. Invitations for our wedding will be distributed four months in advance, and our website will be launched shortly after we send out the Save the Dates.

6. Research Your Vendors

When planning a wedding, you must look into your vendors, specifically for weddings in a foreign country. Many countries have different cultures, tastes, and ways of conducting business. While one standard practice in one country might include a deposit, a different one might charge you in advance. Because you don’t have the possibility of having multiple meetings, we ensured that we visited every vendor we came across on our itinerary after reading their reviews and having our planners contact them several times.

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