A Relaxed, Garden-Inspired Wedding Under the Golden Gate Bridge

After years of missed connections–including attending the same college, sharing a bevy of mutual friends, and once even sitting at opposite ends of the same table at a business dinner–Samantha and Mike finally found each other in 2017. “Our friend Lily was getting married and we were both part of the wedding,” Samantha adds. Samantha. “We quickly hit it off and spent the wedding weekend getting to know each other and dancing the night away.”

After a couple of months of long-distance relationships, Mike joined Samantha in New York, and in 2019 they moved together in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. “Mike and I love to hike and explore the natural beauty in California,” Samantha says. Samantha. In June of 2020 we embarked on a backpacking adventure, walking across Mammoth Mountain to Yosemite Valley in five days. As we walked towards Yosemite We hiked through Tuolumne, which is the most beautiful backdrop of mountains and alpine lakes. It was also when Mike proposed.”

When they started organizing their wedding Samantha as well as Mike wanted to pick a venue which would allow them to gather their family and friends from across the country, while showcasing the beauty of their city. Cavallo Point and its stunning view of The Golden Gate Bridge and luxury rooms in old, red-roof structures is perfect for their 100-guest wedding in 2022 on the 14th of May. the wedding planner Jenn Robirds employed Cavallo Point as an inspiration source for the wedding’s color scheme of white cream, ivory, and white with hints of green and bridge-themed imagery which complemented the paper suite menus, menus and the escort display as well as the airy sailcloth tent.

“We really enjoyed the planning process and never felt rushed into any decisions,” Samantha adds. Samantha. At the time of their cocktail hour they took a break to take some photos by the water, making the most of the hotel’s location beneath the bridge. “It was windy and cold by the water, but so worth it!” Says Samantha.

Skyline Inspiration

Red roofs at Cavallo Point and the famous bridge’s backdrop impressed the couple during their first trip. “While we live in San Francisco, just 15 minutes away, Cavallo feels worlds away, and is a favorite retreat for us,” Samantha says. Samantha. “That view of the Golden Gate Bridge is so special and is an element we wanted incorporated into our wedding. I love that we were able to share our new home with so many friends from across the country.”

Bridge View

Samantha and Mike included Mike and Samantha incorporated the Golden Gate Bridge structure into their paper collection, which included an image of the location’s view on their envelope liner, laser-cut design on wooden tags that were attached to menus for dinner as well as RSVP cards cut into the form that of a bridge’s towers.

An Easy Yes

In her search for a wedding gown Samantha was not a slave to one style. “I went to a lot of different dress shops because I didn’t know what kind of dress I wanted, and wanted to be sure I had the chance to try on a lot of different styles,” she states. She left for last the Oscar de la Renta boutique for last, going to the store with her parents. “I’m an only child and we’re all very close, so this was such a special and intimate family moment,” she explains. When she wore her trumpet dress with floral appliques, a naked underlayer as well as a sweetheart-style neckline, “we all knew immediately it was the one,” she says.

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