Why Wedding Photography Is Harder Than It Seems

Many new photographers are likely to be working in or around wedding photography at some pointit’s the standard practice for photographers who are willing to take even a decent photo. Don’t be deceived it’s not as easy as it looks.When you have the camera you’ve always wanted, you must learn some basics, and capture a few decent photos, the demand to take a wedding photo on a budget is coming across the line at you. It’s more or less an entitlement, and there are a lot of debates about whether or not to accept it or deny it, no matter if you’d like to.

While I began my taking photos using macro lenses but it didn’t take long before I became addicted to portraiture, which is obviously among the more risky categories for weddings. I’ve turned down several requests; however, eventually, I was skilled enough in photographing portraits that when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to accept. The scenario that I was in — and it’s not unusual — consisted of the fact that weddings was smaller and it was either my job to take the photos on their behalf or they’d not need photographers. This occurred to me twice. Even though it may sound like a cruel ultimatum, both occasions were not bad for me. Actually the first time, even though I was anxious, I was also excited about the task, and the second time, I was able to help my family members out of a difficult circumstance.

In the process of planning my wedding day, I learned many things. Even though I wasn’t an ideal game, my photos were great — and even today, I’m happy with the way they turned out. The wedding guests were also happy. It was a mixed bag, however, since it gave me an excessive amount of confidence. There weren’t any issues after this wedding, however like many other brides, I believed wedding photography would be somewhat easier than it actually is. The first time I attended a wedding, it was stunning location, perfect lighting and low stress, tiny in terms of size, and hassle-free. What I needed to get to experience wedding photography’s numerous challenges and trials was a bit of challenges.

While I’m writing this, I am not a wedding photographer who has photographed many weddings. I don’t really enjoy shooting weddings, and I’m not interested in them anymore as a luxury that I couldn’t manage in my earlier years. However, since I’ve photographed quite a number of weddings, I have some insights on the subject, I’d like to share with other photographers who might be tinkering with the idea of attempting it.

Transcending Genres

Wedding photography can be described as a particular area of our art which requires a greater range of abilities than every other. When people look at the wedding photographer, they think of photographs, which isn’t wrong however it’s insufficient. Portraits that are posed are usually the most prominent photos of weddings and come with many challenges that we’ll discuss later however, it’s only one element. If we focus on the portraiture front, there’s an abundance of photojournalism in the process. This requires a mastery of camera settings under ever-changing conditions, quick responses, eyes everywhere and a solid understanding of the angles available in the location.

We then move away from portraiture that is direct. The groom and bride are likely to want photos of their wedding venue that touch on architecture and also the wedding’s details as well as florals touching on the product and lifestyle. When couples want ring pictures, then you’ll have to get in macro. When it comes to dress shots, knowing the fashion is essential to get the perfect details that they are fond of. As the day progresses to night, you’ll need to utilize strobes in the bright dancing floor’s lighting to mimic club photography and, then, you might even be required to capture a long exposures of sparklers or fireworks.

You don’t have to be a specialist in all areas; however, knowing a little about portraiture won’t cut the needle in the future!

A War on Time

If you’ve ever even attended an event, you’ll be aware that time is the foe. Invariably, the wedding guests are delayed on some other issue, or the ceremony is delayed than it should, and the sit-down meal is already set. What is the reason for this? Because if a part of the wedding day is going to have its allocated time taken away, it’s the photographer. My experience was that it was about a 50/50 probability of my time allotted to taking staged photos of the couple was cut because of something that ran over.

Wedding photography is a high-pressure affair, and much of that is due to the time. It’s all about not having a second chance.

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