Things You Need to Know About Summer Weddings

The sun-soaked daytime temperatures of the summer months are inviting for weddings. But before you begin planning your outdoor wedding during the summer heat, there are some essential things to remember:

1. You must reserve your wedding date as early as possible. It’s not just the most sought-after time of the year to tie the knot, which means that the most desirable wedding venues are booked quickly however, and you’re likely to have to compete for guests’ attention. Between weddings on vacation and other events,, it’s essential to let your guests know your wedding date as early as possible to ensure they don’t have to make any other commitments.

Photo Credit: The Wedding Traveler2. Get rid of the ballgown. If you’re planning to spend most of your time outdoors, you, should stay clear of the high-end silk ballgowns or crystal-adorned gowns that weigh more than 20 pounds. Think about a lightweight fabric, such as chiffon, or hemline extension. Cocktail high-low, tea-length, or hi-low styles will keep you cool.

Photo Credit: The Wedding Traveler3. The consumption of alcohol is encouraged. Drinking water, that’s. Take in more than you think you’ll need especially need, need especially if you’re drinking alcohol well. Because plain water can be tedious, think about making fun drink dispensers with fruit-infused water.

Photo Credit: David Schwartz Photography4. Your guests will require some time off. You may enjoy the hot weather, but, at the very least, some of them are anxious about having to sweat for hours under the scorching summer sun. Consider making your guests’ comfort the top priority. There are a few options to consider: Having your ceremony outside; however, your reception should be inside. Create shady spaces at your wedding using large umbrellas, invest in air cooling for your tent, or wait until the sun goes down for your party to begin. Make sure you have essential summer necessities such as bug spray and sunscreen!

Photo Credit: Cardin Creative PhotographyThe standard makeup will need to be revised. You’ve probably already figured out that you’ll need waterproof makeup for your wedding day but remember the other parts part of you! Give your foundation a lasting luster by applying a primer first (we prefer Smash Box Photo Finish) and then completing it with an opaque powder (like Makeup For Ever HD Microfinish Powder) to create a flawless look. For your lips, apply staining over lipstick or gloss to ensure that you don’t have to think about using it again throughout the day.

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