Second looks for weddings: Our favorite outfits to inspire you

Why not change your outfit for the reception? While the walk down the aisle may call for a classic dress or suit, the reception is a great time to be a little more fun. If there is a day to be extra, then it’s your wedding!

More and more brides and grooms are opting for a second look at their wedding. This is a trend that we can certainly get behind! A reception dress is the perfect option if you want to be a bit more stylish or if you just need something comfortable for dancing the night away.

We’ve got the perfect outfits for you if you want to change into something more casual after your wedding ceremony. Think of short, sweet dresses and playful jumpsuits. And, of course, plenty of sparkles.

Cass wore this gorgeous reception dress to her wedding at The Wool Mill Melbourne.

Shop for wedding dresses when should I change into my second wedding look?

It’s up to you when you change into your second outfit, but the decision is usually based on several factors. Do you plan to wear a different look at cocktail hour? You’ll want to have your new outfit ready for the photo shoot or ceremony exit. If you’d like to wear your outfit more, you can change your look as cocktail hour ends or after the reception entrance, toasts, and first dance are over.

Mel Hassett, Mel Rose Couture Melbourne, explains that you can choose to change immediately after arriving at the reception to do the first dance and the cake cutting, or you can wear your traditional gown for all of the formal moments and then switch to your new outfit once the party begins.

Mel advises: “If you intend to change into a ball gown immediately after entering the reception, choose something slimmer that has a classic silhouette.” Kate Middleton’s dress for the reception is a great example. It’s a stripped-down version of her gown from the ceremony, but it still has that classic silhouette. If you want to go with a dress that has a similar neckline but a skirt that is figure-hugging and sparkly or beaded, then this would work.


The bride from Melbourne, Dina, had a second gown designed for her first dance in the State Library Victoria – See the real wedding here. Photos by Dan Brannan.

From sassy sparkly suits to fabulous feathered frocks, here are some of our favorite wedding outfit changes to inspire your second (or third!) look:

Sparkles & Sequins

The stylish grooms, Daniel and Michael, donned dazzling glitter tuxedos to attend their glamorous reception in Melbourne at Metropolis Events

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