What Can Wedding Photographers Do About the Engagement Gap

In general, you can anticipate an average level of stability in the number of couples who require wedding photography services, at a minimum, for short or medium lengths of time. However, there was a time when the COVID epidemic had an unprecedented impact on the industry, which led to fewer couples becoming engaged later on, which means that, after a couple of years, we’re seeing an increase in couples who are getting married, putting stress upon wedding photographers. What can wedding photographers do to stay afloat during this slow period? This tutorial video is helpful and provides many great ideas and suggestions.

From John Branch IV Photography The video tutorial explains the present “engagement gap.” While there’s plenty of excellent advice within the video, the most significant aspect is to keep in mind that this won’t last forever. The world is recovering from COVID, particularly in terms of social interactions, which means that we can anticipate trends in relationships and dating to return and wedding and engagement bookings to follow. Photographers must take precautions to ensure their safety however, they should not be discouraged too much, because it’s not going to be a permanent situation. Take a look at the video above to get the full description.

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This is done because of two reasons. The first reason is that it’s a pain to to carry around an assortment of objects that you are planning to put before your camera (I continue to do it, though much less than I did in the past). The other reason is that I would like whatever object I choose to use to be understood. The most effective way to get the object to be understood is to make use of something already present in the area. The most effective example is you shoot in the forest or an area park. There will be grass and trees as background, which is why it is logical to include grass and trees in the background.

What I’ve discovered was that the light source is the most important element. If the elements are in front of the lens, they can create an array of interesting effects. Similar to all instances where there is light added, the direction and location of the light will have an enormous impact on the final image. Backlighting a photo will give a distinct feel from lighting from the side or front. Here’s an example using backlight or the absence of any light. I don’t believe either image is superior to the other, but each have a different feeling due to the lighting, and this light can also affect the elements of the foreground.

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